Moderation aka my job

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Hey Epsilon players,

These forums are here for your enjoyment to discuss alliances, players and everything in between all while following the rules which can be found here.I want all players on the forum to familiarize yourself with these rules so there aren't any confusions. By following the set of rules you will be creating a friendlier forum atmosphere.

In case we missed to spot a violation of the rules you, the player can assist us. To make the forum a better place if you see a violation use the report post button, located under the username of the poster.

Thanks for reading all of this important information. It's not my job or any of my fellow mods to be the "bad guy". We want these forums to thrive with discussions, while following the rules of course.

If you have any questions or concerns dont hesitate to message me.

Thanks for your time,

Not open for further replies.