Mochlos times

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Mochlos Times

Written by Toxic and R.H. Stogus

Table of Contents

1. Top Relevant Alliances
2. Interviews and News
3. War scores
4. Map Stuff
5. Memes
6. Traven Rumors

This is the first issue written by Toxic, Metalcore, Gribbe, Cachet, R.H. Stogus, and Stevehazelnut. Expect another issue someday.

1. Top Relevant Alliances

Courtesy of Stevehazelnut

<-Lowkey trying not to be bias here->

Shamers- Number one in both points and BP, they've been trash talking since before day one and have been gunning to take down Mafia. Built out of strong players, they have a good chance of getting a win.

Mafia- A premade-that-totally-isn't-an-MRA ranked at number two in both points and BP, they've been trash talking since before day one and have something against Maul's crew. Initially comprised of good players and some simmers, the sudden absorption of NNY has caused lots to laugh at them. There's a chance that if they cut deadweight and get their act together they can win, whether they can get their act together or not remains to be seen.

Stray Cats- From what I've heard, they're a solid group. However the lack of what I've heard is more interesting, as they haven't been trash talking. They've taken plenty of cities and haven't lost any yet, so they may have a good chance of winning as well, that is, if they can stop the hammer and nail known as JUNK and Maul.

Friends w/out Lunatic&Mercyless- A wonderful group to Mafia's north, the old LaFs players happen to have had the bad luck of landing next to the people steamrolling them in Apollonia. Will that continue here? Only time will tell.

Chaos/IMMORTALS/Judicars- two of them are MRAs that don't appear to be doing much, if they either work together or merge into someone they have a chance of some of them getting a crown when people drop out for real life reasons, as always happens.

2. Interviews and news

Courtesy of Toxicgamer2343234

Interview of Stevehazelnut
toxicgamer2343234: So this new game mode domination what do you think of it so far?
stevehazelnuttehepic: Domination? More like #SimFest2k18
toxicgamer2343234: What do you think about the world so far.
stevehazelnuttehepic: It was a good source of gold to fund my simming in Apollonia and Eubea. Sadly there's not much more to be made :(
toxicgamer2343234: What about the wars you have been fighting any interesting ones or challenging wars so far?
stevehazelnuttehepic: Nothing really interesting or challenging alliance wise because of SimFest2k18.
toxicgamer2343234: What makes you believe that this world is a SimFest?
stevehazelnuttehepic: I'm just sitting here simming because alliance policy or whatever of mass recruiting everyone near us.​

Interview of Grepo Mauler
Toxicgamer2343234:What do you think about the new game mode domination so far?
Grepo Mauler:so far seems nothing has changed. everyone still hugging.
Toxicgamer2343234:What do you think about the world so far?
Grepo Mauler:seems to be easy so far. no real threats yet. however im sure things will change as they always do.
Toxicgamer2343234:What about the wars you have been fighting any interesting ones or challenging wars so far?
Grepo Mauler:so far anyone we've committed fully on has failed. im sure the future will hold some challenge.
Toxicgamer2343234:Some say that you are not the best. Do you have anything to say to them?
Grepo Mauler:Let them try Maul.


3. War Scores

Courtesy of Writer Scipio Africanus I/R.H.Stogus

Body Shamers vs Fools Graveyard

Body Shamers vs The Slaughtered

Body Shamers vs No Name Yet

Redneck Mafia vs Shawnee War

Redneck Mafia vs Judicars of Allaric

Stray Cats vs No Name Yet + Already Have a Name

Friends Without Lunatic vs No Name Yet

Friends Without Lunatic vs Shawnee War

Chaos vs Immortals

Chaos vs Body Shamers +Not Body Shamers

4. Map Stuff

Courtesy of Metalcore

unknown.png unknown.png


Courtesy of too many characters to display


6. Traven Rumors

Courtesy of Gribbe

The constant repetition of "Maul da Best" is the first stage in Grepo Mauler's plan to create his own cult.

Gold Mafia is a secret 4th's branch of Mafia where they send the simmers and spies to farm them gold.

toxicgamer2343234 and JUNKYARD GOD are in a relationship
Uoflgirl and Grepo Mauler are in a relationship.

JUNKYARD GOD builds light ships to kill his own alliance bir walls.

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Let it be known that on November 18th, 2018, Cats found out that literally everyone except for them was right that BS was going to slaughter them. When asked about this, here's what BS had to say.

As for cats, here's what they had to say
I didn't actually contact them because I assume they'd just ignore me in favor of defending cities in a world they can't win.
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Lol all I have to say it's not always what you say, but also HOW you say things to people.

Approach matters, particularly in this case


Wonder how being rude and ridiculous about ignoring reservations is going now? Karma is something.


also it was november 18th not 11th but I think we knocked them a week back in time.

maybe theyll make some defense now. or plata make some more LS lol (dude pmed junk and I both talking smack over a reservation, seriously when it was an expiration issue, then went out of his way and stole one off of me AND elvis on purpose n we said nothing. literally made enemies of 3 out of the top 5 guys in a 24 hour period.)

karma is awesome. hitting 8 LS nukes in harbor for 24k bp in an hour kind of awesome.
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When you talk tough and treat people like you're the big dog, you best actually be the big dog. Next come the claims of Cats/KOD not taking this world seriously blah blah. They've always had 1 approach, and it's aggressive, accusatory and disrespectful.

I know their leadership will brand us as backstabbers because the alternative is owning their poor behavior.

Cats did some excellent work in getting FAL to disband and reform an alliance loyal to Cats (Revolution). That was a strong play (although a little late) but don't hold your breath. In less then 48hrs Revolution was turned red, dropped with no notice and getting hit by their new friends. Had it worked, you would have struck us first, but seems too many in revolution didn't appreciate your wonderful approach.

Now it's basically 100 - 0 in our favor, ouch.

We all know cats only really play the worlds they win (can't remember when that was). So this was just another throw away!