Mixed world speed?

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Is there reason why the game speed/ world speed/ troop movement speed is always the same number? I see pros and cons with each individual speed, and I think mixing them up would make better worlds. For example:

A speed 1 world is too slow because it takes 2 weeks to fully train a city's troops and sending a CS anywhere besides you own island takes at least 10 hours. This DOES however allow people to play the game comfortably while still working a full time job.

Speeds 2 seems to be popular because it's troop movement speed seems to be the most 'reasonable'. Meaning players can still play the game competitively without having to be glued to their computer screen or phone 24/7. The downside here is the slow troop training time.

Speed 3 is popular for the same reason as speed 2: It isnt unreasonably fast. And its troops train with moderate speed.

Speed 4 is the first world where the speed really gets 'fast' but is still somewhat manageable if you have an alliance that you knew beforehand. This is the first world where you start to feel that 'Oh my gosh, I can MAKE TROOPS and it doesnt take several days!' feeling of euphoria.

Speed 5 is so fast that an opponent can land a CS from another island during your commute to work. If you have a job or social life, this mode is unplayable.

Speed 6 is so fast that an opponent can land a CS while you shower. I assume the people playing this mode have a terminal illness and can't leave their bed, or they have some weird allergy to the sun.

I think if you mixed the troop training game speed of a Speed 4 world with the troop movement speed of a Speed 2 (or 3) world it would be a fun experience where players could quickly build up armies to attack each other, like a fast world, but would still have to rely heavily on teamwork and timing like in a slow world.

I think it would be a fun change. I personally LOVE the slow worlds with the exception of how long it takes to train troops in them, even with maxed out buildings. So I would really enjoy a world where players have constant access to troops but still have to strategize and work as a team to get good landing times.

What do ya'll think?