Milestones of Lindos


According to Grepo-Intel...
Vercingetorix1975 hit 2k DBP at 4pm Eastern on 7/15 hit 2k DBP at 4pm Eastern on 7/15 as well

So, I think a fair tie breaker would be to see who ended that hour with more BP...
Vercingetorix1975 ended the hour with 2316 DBP ended the hour with 2316 DBP as well

Wow......... Check my math yourself, I am not at all BSing you...


I guess we will have to go with who was first to get more DBP again after that hour...
Vercingetorix1975 gained more DBP at 6pm Eastern on 7/15 gained more DBP at 12am Eastern on 7/16

That is the closest race for a milestone I have ever seen, but I would have to give the award to Vercingetorix1975

Dux Vox

Kill first to 10k Average Points

Also MRA Killers has changed name to Kill. Don't know if u need to make MRA killers red or update the name. We changed the name when we cleared the Mra's from O44.