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(Well strictly the second revolt world, but the first was over 4 years old probably and short lived.)

Post one:
It’s the morning of the day when bp finishes. Main city is 67 hundredths from the origin (Euclidean distance using 100*100 for each square)

Revolt research is ready, 2nd city in place on a close island pumping (slowly) out birs and ldu.
General goal, get lots of bp and not get rimmed

Short term goal, get a third city from revolt, either same island for preferably closest island. Need 600 bp for new farms.
Next goal get 6*300 bp for 4th city slot.

Medium term goal... dominate the 5 local islands.

Current status, surrounded by MRA with a few active players. Couple of similar players going solo in local area, could be added threat along with the active elments of the MRA


Post two:

Good first session 1500 bp gain at 2:1/3:1/4:1 rates. But major "mess up" in losing harpies when estimating the city was almost empty – got lazy with the wall spy simulation. Going to make it harder to convert the one 2k city on a new island that I got into revolt (without the quick spy option). B annoying, especially as need the Pop Growth mana.

But the bp means I can aim for a fast 4 city state and take the easy ok city in the starting island

5 island domination status: 8.4% of points and 2 of 86 cities. Containing 9 MRA cities, 2 cites from top 10 alliance, 1 big inde city, and 3 from small alliance

Other observations, mainly surround by the MRA, but slightly nearer core is top 10 alliance and then a top 2 alliance.... curious to see how the ocean plays out... will the top 10 alliance collapse or push rapidly into the MRA space?

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World Map Nov 29, 13:00


Note: map above is clear when using FireFox but blurred in Chrome.... not sure why
source: http://grepolife.com/us/85/map
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