Mid Game Sink Or Swim?


Not Sure Who is still here but what the hell

Unsullied- Swim, my alliance so i wont get into it but yeah Swimmin

Collision Course - Swim, Good alliance, Good Leadership

Critical Mass - Float, Seems like these guys have stuck around by sitting in the background

Illuminati - Not sure how they would of turned out if they were in the core to start but have carved out a good position to come at the Unsulled - Swim

The Company - Float


C'mon man, I told you that you should've updated it Slayer. LOL, I don't know the company but I cant disagree with the rest of them.


i dont do good updates i dont look at other alliances well but ik that the company is worth more then a float


u got some people to post its just that everyone besides me who makes regular posts leave when the next server opens


I think you did a fair enough job Brandon, just not in order and the Bad Lambs are missing from your list they have to at least be a floater before they sink I would think.


Unsullied - Swim - 12,191,417 Attack battle Points (Rank #1), 18,566,129 Total BP's (Rank #1).......Nuff Said

The Commission - Float - Newly reformed and molded from a recent merger, it will be interesting to see what the commission does. SL and CM were known for their diplomacy. They survived from eating small alliances and working diplomacy with the larger ones. Now that most of the smaller alliances are gone, and CM and SL are now merged into the commission, what will they do, and who will they wager major war against? Only time will tell.......

Dothraki - Swim - Sister alliance of Unsullied. A respectable 5,637,343 Attack BP's. Very active. Aggressive.

COLLISION COURSE - Float - A savvy alliance of veterans mixed with some newer players. Their leadership decisions and ability to adapt to the world around them will keep them in it till the end.

Illuminati - Swim - This alliance takes a different approach than most when they enter a server. They managed to start on the rim and use their methods to not only survive, but thrive and become one of the most dominant alliances on the server. They are sure to be among the front runners come world wonder time.

Bedlam - Swim - What can you say about bedlam besides wow!! These guys started the world right in Illuminati's back yard. They had to fend off countless attacks and onslaughts throughout the course of this world. They were dropped into the gauntlet right off the rip and here they are one of the top alliances in the world as of now. Impressive.

The Commission.. - Float - Same as above for The Commission

Templars - Swim - Illuminati's sister alliance.

Dragons - Swim - Illuminati's sister alliance.

KingsGuard - Sink - If this alliance is still around at wonder time, Fri isn't doing his job......:p
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