Maul is Maul


Edit: Had to take down the photo due to forum policies. Sorry guys. :(

So our boy Muffin was recently accused of being Maul. Now I don't know about you guys, but I'm about 96% sure he isn't. Any thoughts?
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It's not as simple as an ip address lol. Maybe he is using a VPN or 2 different routers idk. I think no because why would he put one account on vm. Maul isn't winning in a 2 man alliance so whatever this guy is saying doesn't make sense.


Why would maul need a second account? Muffin was in VM forever and maul still continued to beat all of pigs and ingsoc on his own

Btw GenNeyland, thanks in advance for building our rim cities for us!

Grepo Mauler

wont lie... it sucks... having 100 accounts... in 100 alliances then posting Mauls sieges... for maul and his other 100 accounts and allies to break. I really wish i was good at this game.... but Maul still learning