Looter Units

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So i know everyone uses horsemen or cats to loot, but i am just trying to brainstorm here.. What if there was a unit added to the game like a wagon or something thats sole purpose was to carry loot? They could function kind of similar to fire ships where they dont enter the battle until all other units have fought but they have very very low attack values and a high inventory. Like 1 blunt attack or something but 1000 loot space taking up low pop like 5-10 and not being able to be shipped with transport ships.

Another thing is maybe add an option to these wagons that can make them prioritize certain resources for loot, like when you send the attack tell them you want silver so when they loot they first take silver and then once the silver is gone they loot like normal for the rest of their space.

Just an idea, feel free to criticize below....