Let’s reminisce…

Dux Vox

I’ll get the ball rolling. It might have been Knos en or us. Settings were extra slow. Speed 1, 7 days of BP. Lot of time to sim and try and keep entertained.

I was in a small alliance called
The Trolls” and had an idea.

“Hey boss, I’m gonna join that big MRA that’s in all 4 Oceans and do some recon. Be back before BP ends.”

And so off I went, and boy was it bad. Pretty sure there wasn’t one experienced player in the whole 100 man alliance. So I set about making it better. Laid out what the forum could look like, example templates for things like attacking / defending. Posted useful grepo sites and tools. Mentored a bunch of new players.

Just to emphasize how new the leadership was, they made me a leader after being in the alliance for a day, didn’t ask for it and the leader didn’t know me from the next guy.

1 day till BP ends and it’s about time for me to head back to my actual alliance. I made a thread titled. “You’ve all been kicked”. (Didn’t kick anyone just wanted to get everyone’s attention)

I listed all their shortcomings, why they will probably sink, and what they should really focus on if they want to at least float for a while.

Explained I was just visiting. And posted a farewell troll face. Then I left.

12 hours later 75 % of the alliance had jumped ship and the alliance leader disbanded his alliance. The first war of the server had been won. No shots fired and still in BP.

Edit: server was Lindos . My alliance was MRA Killers. Target alliance was rank one “Alpha and Omega”.

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