Legions of Greece Membership


Hello everyone, I am a recruiter for Legions of Greece and I was wondering if anyone on here would be interested in becoming a member of our alliance. We are a growing alliance, built on the foundation of teamwork and focused on becoming strong. We operate primarily in Ocean 76 and 77, so if you are within those Oceans or a few surrounding oceans, we would be interested in you. We have recently been placed in the Top 50 of the alliances of Grepolis. Please get back to me for more details and feel free to check out the alliance. If you should decide to join, there is an easy, three (3) step process that you must complete. First, you receive this initial contact letter. Second is the player evaluation that I must put you through, which consists of a few questions. Third and lastly, you will receive a denial or acceptance message. While this may seem elaborate, I am the sole decision maker for your acceptance or denial to the alliance. It will not go to our leaders for decision, nor will it be a long and drawn out process. Please let me know.

Recruiter for Legions of Greece