Last Call


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who stubbornly fought through the past 5 months of wonders and the people who have put about 18 months of effort into this world. Hats off to all the alliance leaders we appreciate what you did for everyone even if we were the reason you considered ghosting every morning.

I owe a lot to a couple players over the course of this server. Thanks Bushmen and Louie91, we battled for months by ourselves, probably would have quit if it wasn't for these two. Zirk and Dick.080876, I owe you for taking us into Freemason's and negotiating the merger with OoA. To The Order of Albatross family, it was a lot of fun fighting with such a lively group of men and women, hope to see familiar faces in servers after this.

To the enemy, wouldn't be worth playing without you. Hope to hate you on another server down the road.
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