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Hello, I am writing about the possibility of changing the language, which unfortunately is not in Grepolis, and when you switch to another language server, you do not understand anything at all, which causes great difficulties in the game
Please bring this to the attention of developers.


If I understand your request correctly, you'd like an internal translator independent from Google Translate since it should translate forums/PMs on demand (when you switch languages). From a developer's point of view this is very hard to achieve because it requires an internal database for languages - this is a huge work for a zero revenue. Since it's a browser game, Google Translate will do much of the work for you so it won't be practical to switch languages in the interface itself.

Another reason why Inno wouldn't bother with this is the fact that people are usually sticking with their native groups (NL, FR, AR, BR, US, EN, DE servers etc.) and if they want to mingle with other groups, at least in 98% of cases, they understand the other language pretty well. For example it's rare for English native speakers to know a second language (for some reason they suspect English is the master race language) so they have no reason to play on Greek or Turkish servers, while on the other hand most Greeks and Turks know at least the basics of English language. Another example are the Dutch - they usually have the advance understanding of English and in most cases you can't tell where they're from until they tell you, I guess their English education is highly advanced or they are just so talented for being polyglots lol. Compared to Dutch, English is very easy to learn - less grammar, easier vocabulary, spelling and pronouns.

If you look up the yearly revenue for Inno - in this case Grepolis itself - you'll see that this game is giving them a substantial backpain since it's not making a good revenue as it used to do. Basically they are keeping the game alive just for the community, in most cases companies are just shutting down their branches that are not generating cash flow. Investing so much work for something that a vast majority of people wouldn't use would be an insanity so I don't think they would take this request seriously. If they do, that might be some easy solution like integrating Google Translate.