Kingdom of Erabicon


We are centralized in Ocean 45. We try to make our member's experience unique. You can go from server to server and start over, but then you have the same old grind of training, leveling buildings, etc.

To make things interesting, we structure our alliance like the military. All new members begin in our Academy, as with some other alliances. But, they are only in our academy for us to determine their level of activity, participation, and to level buildings, level academy, research, and training troops to a certain minimum req. Once achieved and you can satisfactory show you can interpret spy reports, select appropriate attack troops with simulator based on it, and complete attacks, then you will be transferred to the main alliance.

Military Structure

Our main alliance is structured like the US Army.

In a 100 member alliance world we have 2 Platoons, each includes 8 Squads of 2-8 members in proximity of one another. this is done first of all to build comradery between squad members, allows them to communicate together and also allows them to respond to defense or offense situations as a team as ordered by their platoon leader. All of this is also a way to give a little something more to a members experience in the game. The day to day grind can get very boring which is why we see many of the cities empty even by the end of the first 2 weeks. This is a way to keep members interested in the game, excited about the Alliance, as everyone is an integral part of our Alliance. This has lead us to be the #2 Alliance in our Ocean. We are not just an alliance, but an alliance with a purpose, and designed so our members have a purpose, a position, and gives them more then just the day to day grind of the game.

Additionally, all members, dependent on their point level are promoted through a military ranking system. Advancement occurs through activity, participation, and points. The ranking system is not just ranks with out a purpose. Your rank will also determine whether you can become a squad leader, and eventually a Platoon Commander. So our ranks are with function and purpose, and of course for prestige. All the ranks and divisions ie squad/platoon use the Greek versions and names keeping with the whole Greek era immersion in the game. Get promoted to a Lochias and have your chance at becoming a squad leader.

Nobility System

All members also receive Greek noble titles. Just as in real life, higher and higher nobles are lords over certain lands, your nobility title will be dependent on your points and the number of cities you have acquired. All members begin as a Baronet (lesser Baron)/Baronetos (greek) and become a Baron/Varonos (greek) at 2,000 points. Upon achieving 4,000 points and 2 cities you become a Viscount/Ypokomis (greek) and so on.

So, not only do you have the ability to go up a Greek military ranking ladder and fulfill active and meaningful positions in the Kingdom, you can also progress up our Noble ranking ladder on your way up to becoming a Duke/Doukas (greek)

Interested in joining the Academy of Erabicon?

Contact djourke09 or Eratimus
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Welcome to Eta! What exactly does your alliance name mean...?


Roughly in Latin it translates Era concero meaning, a Time to join together in conflict.


We are still recruiting quality active members, but only those near our members in O45. Only members close enough to allow us to support them will be accepted. 2,000 points minimum. Contact Eratimus in game.