Kastoria Sink/Swim#4


Remember - I obviously don't know everything going on within these alliances - I can only go off what I've heard and seen!

Poseidon's Trident (2) - #1 (10) pts, #1 (14) bp - SINK - I don't know much about this alliance's players but as an alliance that had 70+ players shortly after the world started, we could see from early on that they were going to have problems. They are currently spread out over all 4 oceans, however are more concentrated in 54. The currently seem to be sandwiched between Oak Island and No Friends and are combined 1-9 against them thus far (yes, I get it's early, war scores aren't everything) from what I've heard they do not seem to communicate very well, and while some players are doing their share, the majority are not.

Mystery / Curse of Oak Island - #2 (6) pts, #3 (9) bp - FLOAT/ SWIM - Once again, don't know many of their players, they do have a lot of players, but they also aren't spread out as much as PT as they are also spread out over 3 oceans, but more heavily concentrated in 44 and 54. They seem to have a pretty good core started in 54, but are fighting PT there. They also have some control over 44 islands, but their start of a core in 54 looks quite promising for them. They do have a few players in the middle of the 4 corners that may have some issues being quite a ways away from the rest of their alliance, but I think they will beat PT and secure their area in 54 without too much trouble.

WWIII - #3 pts, #2 bp - SWIM - This is a tricky one. I think the alliance is full of good, experienced players, for the most part, they do seem to be in a tricky location. Ocean 55 seems to be absolute chaos right now, with Monster's Inc. WWIII and The Reprobates all fighting for control. WWIII has started on their core but they still have quite a lot of cleaning up to do. They are currently 4-0 on The Reprobates and 2-0 on Monster's Inc. No Friends could also prove troublesome for them as they have a more established core and could definitely push down into WWIII's potential core area. All of that said, they have some of the top fighters and players in the world right now, who I think will be able to carry the alliance both now and down the road.

Diamond - #4 pts, #6 bp - SINK - They are very very spread out right now, with almost one complete island on the 44/54 border, one semi-complete island in 55, and same in 45. I have no clue what their plans are moving forward, but they were definitely need to move closer if they want any chance to survive or thrive. I don't really have anything to say about them other than that... location sucks.

No Friends - #5 pts, #4 bp - SWIM - Many many names are easily recognizable in this alliance, they've played, and won, many worlds and have a solid start to their core. They currently are on the 54/55 border and could easily push either way with relative ease. This alliance will definitely be a long term threat and players near them better watch out for them.

The Reprobates - #7 pts, #5 bp - FLOAT - The Reprobates seem to have a decent start to a core right now, but I would be concerned of how much food they will have. They really won't be able to push too far north because I don't think they can compete well with WWIII, but they will be able to take out Diamond so I think they can float for the time being.

L E G I T - #8 pts, #8 bp - SWIM - They seem to have some very solid players from what I've seen in the world chat (you should join if you haven't already by the way, link is in another forum post), they seem to have some resemblance of a core, especially considering how few players they have. They are the only alliance on this list with under 30 players, with 18. They should be able to take out the few No Friends that are over there and then start working on Oak Island in 44. With their experience and ease of communication with their small alliance - they should have no problem staying for the long run.

I have assumed with this list that nobody has pacts, I'm not part of a big alliance so I have no clue where any of the Grep politics are right now.

Take everything with a grain of salt, I only have 3,000 greposcore so I can't know what I'm talking about.

Also I had no idea it said #4 in the title until I posted it and I can't edit that to my knowledge, so that's unfortunate.


No Friends - #1 pts, #2 bp - SWIM - Am I biased by being in No Friends? Oh, certainly. That out of the way, I stand by my comments in the first sink/swim, as we are a very strong group. No Friends was 26-0 against the former #1 alliance, Poseidon's Trident. Grepolife currently shows us as 12-1 against Curse/Mystery of Oak Island, however, under our alliance losses, there are none, so not sure what that is about, but either way - doing really well against Oak so far. We have a very strong core and a lot of room for growth.

Curse (Mystery) of Oak Island - #2 (8) pts, #1 (9) bp - SINK - I had Oak as float/sink in the previous sink/swim, however now fighting LEGIT and No Friends I believe they will be pushed far North very quickly. They are 0-12 against No Friends, 0-11 against WW and 1-2 against the much smaller LEGIT alliance currently. From what I've seen, Oak seems very top heavy, with 5 or 6 players putting in 90-95% of the alliance's effort and activity. I think Oak will be around for a little while, but right now I do not believe they will gain ground on either LEGIT or No Friends, especially how things have looked so far.

WWIII (IV) - #3 (9) pts, #3 (6) bp - SWIM - Going strong, WW has put away all threats thus far with seemingly relative ease. Going 11-0 against Oak, and 16-1 against The Reprobates. They have a pretty strong core, with just a few reds left to clean up. They currently have lots of food down South in The Reprobates, who I still don't see as an alliance that can withstand the aggressiveness of WW. WW will be here for the long run.

The Reprobates - #4 pts, #5 bp - SINK - Having not faired well to date, and from what I've seen out of them so far, I don't think The Reprobates have what it takes to be competitive this world. 1-16 against WW, but are 4-2 against Dark Judgment. From personal experience, quite a lot of them don't seem very active, or maybe just not when I attack, but anyways, I don't think they have enough gold, numbers, nor activity to remain relevant in this world for long.

L E G I T - #5 pts, #4 bp - SWIM - Skill-wise the leaders of the world by a far margin. For having so few players they have a great core, which should be pretty easy to clean up for them. They are currently 2-1 against Oak, but have taken some Oak cities from players that left or were kicked after being sieged (not sure which one).... L E G I T is legit and is definitely here to stay.

T.B.D. (edit: now they are Going Commando) - #6 pts, #8 bp - SWIM - Not featured on the last sink/swim, TBD features a group of players with some familiar faces near the top to anyone who has played on many US servers. I've seen some live feeds and TBD is certainly being a nuisance to all near them, breaking sieges left and right. They have a pretty tight core in 45 and could expand into the o45 No Friends, or into o55 towards Reprobates.

Dark Judgment - #7 pts, #10 bp - SINK - Dark Judgment kind of seems to be all over the place, with some cities in the South 45/55 border area, and also a cluster of cities all the way up in northern 55. To be honest, I know little to nothing about this alliance, other than their position sucks - so that's the reason they are a sink.

Analysis is shorter as there wasn't a whole ton to unpack after the first one, most of what I said there still holds true.

Remember, I don't have high greposcore so I don't know what I'm talking about - so keep that in mind
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