Just For Laughs

Joseph Nieves

Good luck with the alliance. Also I remember a Just For Laughs in US Theta. Was that this alliance, or did they just use the same name as you?


That was us.

OK. I have talked to the guys. We will have an open vote on the forum to pick a name. We will all submit 3 choices each. We will then vote it down to 3 choices and pick from those 3. Several of us have led alliances to end game. So we will come up with something from putting our heads together.

We want to attract our former players/friends. But we will do it with a fresh start without referring to any of our former alliances.

They are guys. They want something dark and menacing...lol.

We never started with the US servers as JFL. We always joined late. We won't be "late" this time.
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Good luck to everyone. I hope we all have fun. I hope we have some great wars. I hope we make some new friends and see lots of old ones.