Just an idea . . .

Meg TheBeagle

I'm on a team just finishing off our first Domination end game. It was a slam dunk from the beginning. We entered the era of domination with over the necessary 40% to start last stand. We are a strong team with many years and many worlds playing together and we just "click". In a word, it was boring.

Here's my idea:
  • Announce a new world
  • Players sign up to play in the world
  • From that list players vote for team captains
  • Those captains select from the pool of players on a draft system
  • All these "premade" alliances will drop into the world on the same day
  • No PACTS/NAPS/Sisters/Academies
  • World needs to be fast and shorter. I see this as a way to break up the consistent winners and even all alliances strengths and weaknesses.
This is just an idea to shake up what feels like a dying market on the US servers.

Meg TheBeagle


Instead of captains, you could just as easily randomly assign players to teams. And I assume you can't switch alliances as a way to get the gang back together. What happens if you lose your cities, and restart? Same team? Can teams merge as there's attrition? As long as there is Skype/Discord, you'll never get rid of PACTS/NAPS/etc. I'm sure I could continue lawyer'ing the idea to flesh out more of the corner cases.

There are other things that would make domination more interesting.
- The mass VM that was used to lock in 3rd place was lame. Even though the cities were on domination eligible islands, they didn't come out of VM to require defending during last stand.
- Increasing the number farm island flags would have allowed some of the alliances to expand more, possibly making them more competitive instead of being starved for cities and resources.
- As a fundamental change, making all cities, farming island or rocks, count toward domination would actually require alliances to dominate everything in the ocean, not just the farms islands. And it would encourage/require players/alliances to put the resources into taking these less anchors.
- Also, rock anchors should only be opened within a small radius of the farm islands. We had several alliances that developed bir farms on remove rocks that they could bring to defend, but were far enough removed that attacking them was impractical.