January 2014 Juggernawards!

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Welcome ladies and gents, and a Happy New Year to you all! I am pleased to announce the categories for the January Juggernawards - The only award thread in existence that offers low-grade prizes on a much-too-relaxed time table.

Please remember that these awards are given out at the end of the month in a totally biased and unfair manner.

The Categories for January 2014 are as follows:
  • The Preposterone Award - The award for the player that exhibits gratuitous amounts of energy and preposterous amounts of testosterone! PREPOSTERONE!!
  • The Super Spammer Award - The award for that person who just can't stop posting things in forums - you know who you are! ( Note: The Juggernaut is not eligible to receive this award ;) )
  • Tina The Llama's Award for the Most Excellent Alliance - The sarcastic award that will be given to an entire alliance, the most "excellent" alliance!
  • The Brave Sir Robin Award - The award for the player bravely runs away from the fight. Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin!

This month's Coat of Arms award features a seasonal touch with a nice snowy llama.
Jan CoA Base.JPG

There they are, folks! Let the nominating begin! You will have until the end of the month to submit nominations for each category, and I will try to keep track of those nominations in this original post. Happy Nominating and good luck to everyone!

Jan Super Spammer23.JPG Jan Super Spammer2.JPG Jan Preposterone.JPG Jan Excellent Alliance.JPG Jan Brave Sir Robin.JPG

Charl & Decky - I honestly couldn't decide who was spammier, so you BOTH win! Congratulations!
Byboozian - A personal ally of mine in game and my own nomination and choice. Absolutely a wonderful ally to have, and make sure you don't get in his way!
Alliance of Kings - This former alliance and their lackeys are most definitely an EXCELLENT alliance...for everyone to conquer! You don't really exist anymore, but you'll live on in our hearts forever in the form of the cities we all took from you. Adios, AoK.
R.H. Stogus - c'mon man, you knew it was coming.
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Tina The Llama's Award for the Most Excellent Alliance-Alliance of Kings
The Super Spammer Award-R.H.S


Tina The Llama's Award For The Most Excellent Alliance Imperial Legion: This once massive alliance with two sister alliances called imperial legion III and imperial legion IV (not sure why they skipped two) has almost completely disbanded except for some non active members representing what they did best. My alliance was actually responsible for the disbandment of one of the sister alliances that led the second sister alliance to disband. Not sure what finished the Imperial legion off; if it was attacks or losing all of their sister alliances but they still stand tattered in their excellent non active nature. How zen are they.

The Brave Sir Robin Award I feel bad for saying it but it was to easy to pick. R.H.Stogus yes you are a very brave sir robin.


No r.h, decky might give you a run for supper spammer but the sir robin award is all yours, you survived the first time we revolted you (with all of AoKs help) but then ghosted soon after before we ever attacked you again. Lol

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4SJ0xR2_bQ for any poor soul who hasn't seen monty python and the holy grail.


Aok helped me, yes, but I was the kid who made Aok as big as possible so it would blow up


It hasn't blown up tho, it sucked when you were in charge and it sucks now that you ghosted and aren't.


This whole board has been super quiet lately. It is a bit odd. Who is going to win the super spammer award like this????

- The Juggernaut -

Keep it up buddy and it's yours!! lol, jk.

I think we're all still overdosed on tryptophan...or whatever that stuff is. Hmm...maybe that'll be an award for next month: The Tryptophan OD Award for the sleepiest player.