It turned out to be just a House of Cards


I'm referring to Tea.exe.

TL;DR Version:

Alliance leadership left, I didn't want to stick around and ghosted for various reasons.

Long Version:

As soon as the three Founders disappeared 3 days ago, people lost interest in playing seriously or stepping up. I got a pretty good concensus yesterday morning there was no reason for me to keep playing on the server so I ghosted.

Like I said in Discord and also said on the Alliance forums from the beginning, I made this clear from day one: I had no longterm plans for Dion. People mad at me for ghosting chose to ignore that and the fact others made it clear they had zero interest in playing without Jim, War and SGC around and left without a word. So, my decision to ghost was made for me. I'm not going to waste my time time in an unsustainable situation especially when I don't need or want to. It's that simple. I'm glad I didn't spend any money on that server or I would've been really mad at myself though.

It's a real shame though. I considered making a separate Alliance but damn it, I wanted a break from running or helping to run an Alliance for once. That's the primary reason I ghosted and I got the same sentiment from a few other folks, some of whom I played with on other servers. People wanted to be able to just focus on playing and not also have to help manage a roster of 40 players over there which I can understand. I get that. I just didn't expect those feelings to be prioritized over trying to win the server. 14 different people inboxed me to tell me they either wouldn't accept new leadership or didn't want to help manage things despite also saying they had past experience. So, that was it for me. For those who were in Discord with me yesterday morning wondering why I ragequit, now you have a bit more info behind that.

Even without the former leaders, we could have still won that server if we stayed together. Instead, people put their egos first. If I opted to split off and form a separate Alliance--and I would have if I felt enough people would have been open to it--we probably could have been contenders for WW. The consensus I got instead was a combination of "I won't accept the new leaders", "I'm not playing if Jim, War and SGC are gone" and "I don't want to help run the alliance if I don't have to". This is the other bit of info I had access to that some folks weren't considering. You can't just "make" people accept you. Trust is earned, not given.

Some may not have liked Jim and War's leadership styles but at the end of the day they were respected by the roster. I factored that in my decision to leave as well. I had no interest in Alliance hopping on yet another server due to politics. So, I was left with no real option but to wash my hands of that server. I've added a lot of names to my Blacklist of players I'll never play with again since yesterday, all of them people I met on Dion. I figure in a few weeks to a few months, more and more folks will make the same decision I did. It's just a matter of when.
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Mr Reliable

Shame that grepo lost two legends. They completed each other so well. they will be missed for sure. and I was just learning how to make/drink tea. I’m sure we will hear those Beautiful voices again under different ign’s



Too many people know who they are and how to spot them even under different names. I only knew them very briefly but it was long enough to know they're not the type who can hide their real identities as Jim and War for too long. You can't cost 20+ people a crown and expect people to be willing to play with you again. I'm speaking from personal experience here.

You'll find them on League of Legends from now on based on what I've heard (I don't play or like MOBAs personally).