Issues logging in with app while using mobile data


I have recently run into a problem(i did not have this yesterday(Sunday)). While using my mobile data(Service provider Verizon) on my Galaxy S7 the app gets stuck at 100% at the loader but the fire effect is still active(so its not frozen). While also using mobile data i cant reach/load the us.grepolis webpage. I am able to reach any and all other webpages with mobile data though.

Here's the kicker when i use WiFi i am able to load both of these things(app game/webpage) and there is no problem.

I have cleared cache, restarted the phone 5 times, uninstalled and re-installed about as many time as I've restarted.

I have the phone app so i can play the game while I'm away from a computer. It loses its purpose when i can only use it at my house while I'm around WiFi...