Is Grepo becoming "Woke"


Hey all,

Just figured this would be informative to all and to offer a cautionary plea...

I was PERMANENTLY banned for calling another player a smug jerk but not an idiot...

You were banned for the following in-game messages:

Dysart 01-01-2023 22:45:46 and once a smug jerk, always a smug jerk...and gullible too. Were you so sure of yourself to think that I would just give you my cities??? My god, that is just so laughable...idiot.

Dysart 30-12-2022 08:38:44 As I have already stated, I find you to be a smug jerk. I didn't have to let you know but yet I did. Instead of saying thanks, you ridiculed. Shows the type of person you are. So, quit begging and jsut take the cities.

Dysart 30-12-2022 07:48:48 Don't be a smug jerk.

Upon Appeal:

I do want to stress that the only cuss words we allow are "noob".

"Smug jerk" as innocent as it sounds, is not allowed.

Now, as much as I appreciate the ban being lowered to just 2 days, there shouldn't have been a ban at all.

oh, btw...noob is not a cuss word.

Can I now report him for calling me a "liar"???

Sorry Grepo, but it seems like you are opening the floodgates for frivolous complaints.

Now to Grepo....don't get pissy cuz I posted this. I didn't referenced the other player nor the Mod responsible. Instead, it was to show other players what is on the horizon.
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I have just now logged in and looked at the entire thread between the reporting player and myself.

Did the Mod even bother to read the entire thread and the banter between us? If you would have, the derogatory comments made towards me would have been evident. The worst of which would be calling out my sexuality which is the greatest offense of all these days. If you did, then you have shown favoritism.

La Cagoule

ahah grepolis doesn't even respect his comunity by having a support of volunteer and often corrupt players and adding new events to the game that are not even new events but a pale copy of another THAT DOESNT EVEN WORKS ON THE EVENT OPENING and they want players to respect each others by moderate their familiar words :') seems like a joke