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Welcome to the Request and Shop section of the Graphics Forum!

Need a sig/avvy but can't find anyone to make one for you? Well this is the place to ask!

Title should look something like this: Name Here - Need a Sig

Have fun and keep it clean!

Also, here's a basic format to follow. Some people may have their own request format others may choose to follow the given one. Whatever the cases, respect the artist and follow his/her format for a request.

Color Tone:

Description of what each means:

Style: This is what type of artwork you are making, is it a Signature, avatar, or COA and also the theme can be added here.

Size: You MUST put this in pixels, the average size is 450 x 120 for a signature

Render/Stock: The render is what the main picture that the signature revolves around. If you do not know were to find a good render use this site it contains thousands of render and is grouped into categories, I've been using it for years.

Text: The text you want in the picture (ex. StigmaIIDX aka Maniac)

Font: You can leave this blank, but if you do have a selective font you'd like to use, just add it here. (ex. Times New Roman)

Color Tone: This is also straightforward, this is the main color tone you'd like to use in the picture.

Misc: Here you can put additional information, such as what C4D you'd like to use, flow directions, etc.
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