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First off let me welcome you to the Tutorials/Guides Sub Forum!

A few points to make first off,

- This is not a place for questions, do not post a thread asking a question ! You can however ask questions about the signatures in their respective threads.

- If you are posting a tutorial, post the image and put the link of where you found it also ( common courtesy )

- Do not worry about spoilering the tutorials, this forum is specific for it so normal image limits do not apply

- Each thread must be viewed and then allowed by me before becoming visible, so once you post it you wont be able to see it, so please make sure you have written everything properly as you wont be able to edit until it is visible to everybody.

- Title your topic so that it helps the viewers know what to expect, e.g, "spider man smudge tutorial"

- If you try a tutorial, post what you made, it will make the whole place more interesting, or at least thank the person who posted it if you learn something

An idea I had to improve this part of the forum even more is if we all get into the habit of rating the threads to represent how good the tutorials are it further help people who are sifting through all the tutorials to open the best ones.

Enjoy, and contribute. If you want this to become a vital part of the forums do your part!
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