International Speed Revolt World

La Cagoule


After having played on several communities, we realized that not many players were joining the new servers, and that the community activity was decreasing in each country. Because of this, we proposed to innogames an international server, which of course will never see the light of day.

So we thought, we would like to set up this server, gathering a maximum of different communities, including yours. To do this, we have created a discord, whose address is displayed right here:

Each player of each community joins the discord, to discuss with all the communities represented, you nominate your founders/representatives to set up the project.

The principle is simple, each country/community manages to build its most competitive team with its best players.

We would like to organize this on a server with the following configurations:

A fast upcoming revolt (x3/x4/x5/x6)

Without BN (allowing each community to play without constraint on its connection times)

No morale

Concerning the community on which the server will take place, everything will depend on the configurations proposed in each country, this is also why it is important to join the discord in order to follow the information!

We will launch the project when enough community has been gathered! This can be during October on the next server if each country is motivated, or in 2 months if the configurations allow it... We count on you to relay this project as well as to participate! Everyone is welcome

If this project should work, you should know that a similar project will take place under seat mode configurations this time to suit every type of community and play style!

Thank you for reading and I hope that you are interested and motivated to make a more than interesting server

You can contact me if you have any other questions, this project is very serious!