Initial Domination Rankings


What happens to the cities that were in VM cities that were made attackable if the alliance loses last stand? Are they put back in VM, or left attackable?

Grepo Mauler

just wanted to add to the bullet points before our win is final.

Maul the BEST!
Body Shamers the BEST!

To those that stuck with it and fought till the end and put up a true never ending fight... You ALL have Maul's full respect. Congrats to everyone here.
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I want to echo Maul's comment about the guys/teams that DIDN'T just VM out of the world.

Hats off to those of you we are still attacking and they attacking us until the bitter end. Way to play!!!

Much respect for that.
I don’t think any alliance tried to make it fun, hard when there’s a cap limit being overdone...I was late to this world by over a month anyways so I can’t hate as this was me just getting eased back into it but I will never concede victory to an alliance who didn’t win square and fair.... same goes with Nysa now it seems with even some alliance mates from Mochlos.... seems like it will be a never ending cycle... once 1 alliance overdoes the alliance cap, others players will too in future worlds since they will think its the only way to win.... there is an alliance cap for a reason!!! Can’t disregard that fact... I think this game may be ruined now, for many....especially us poor folk. The same reason I left years ago, and same reason others are leaving now. There needs to be a fix to (pay to win) and cheating alliance caps.... both are very valid arguments.