Infection- (selective)



This alliance is here to slowly conquer the world, I am a very competitive player & leader... I play to have fun, but winning is fun... right? I have a alliance on Lamia also called infection, we are currently #1 in Lamia and have the best alliance average in the world and second best ABP. We will focus mostly on offense and we will be aggressive.
"You miss the shots you don't take"
-Wayne Gretzky

Recruitment: Selective
- 2 year minimum of playing grepolis not "related games"
- A winning attitude and good attitude
- A talkative player, I do not like quiet players
- Skilled players, you have to have stats available to show me your ABP and overall points on past worlds.
- Must be in ocean 55
Diplomacy: A Joke right now
-A alliance that uses communication.
-An alliance that can help us out

If you have any questions send me a message in game, on the externals or on Skype. My Skype is XpertGreek.

King Leonidas 3.00

Good luck, you started a bit late to make this thread


yeah, It was not meant to be a Pre Made, But I might as well advertise it... and The "Xpert" has been around, But only in Lamia... but now Naxos. Thanks Prim, Kyle & KL3.


lol Infection has been in the last 4 worlds :D :D :D

Good luck
Charl is right. There are a lot of the same names that are in other worlds. Can't you change it up a bit? Make it Skin Infection or something.
Anyways, good luck to you!


well to be a dynasty he has to actually be good, if you look in lamia that wouldn't be the case for that alliance


Yeah but it's all Xpert.. I was just suggesting that Xpert might try to stay on one world and focus on making Infection a great alliance instead of just founding it on every single world