I'm Not Sure


I'm not sure what it's like to be in War Dogs

I'm not sure who the leaders are

I'm not sure how they got to this point

I see good attackers, i see good players that are familiar from many servers but i'm just not sure

Every team has positive and negative, no team is perfect but - I'm not sure how these same members that are very recognizable have allowed an invisible leadership to paint the team into a corner. I've heard rumblings of a guy with 31 cities and some other weak players are running the show. That was harder to believe last week then it is this week in a big way.

I saw a lot of growth opportunity for WD, but instead they decided to pact with everyone around them and crash into the same TBD cities over and over. I'm not sure how that's fun, it's clearly been ineffective, and if this were blackjack, you just doubled down on a 16.

And despite my at times sarcastic tone, know that I've been around long enough to understand the impact of no food on any team, regardless of their skill.

I'm not sure of a lot of things. But then i see an absorption of some FES, poaching a couple barley active whiners from TBA, crazy diplomacy, and I continue to struggle to understand.

Do you not realize what this does to a teams morale? Is WD leadership giving each other high fives thinking they just pulled off the power play of the century by further aligning themselves with what should be their food?

Taking away offensive opportunities for no reason with diplomacy can be tough. With good strategy, most will however accept it. Mass recruiting from anyone who asks to join can be another bitter pill. It's becoming very obvious that the real players are passengers on this ride, when in reality they should be running the show.

I'm not sure what its like to be a REAL player in WD, and of that there is no shortage, but i have to imagine it kinda sucks.