I'm Back!

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Today, I have returned to Gythium via the gifted account Simarc24. So I figured that I would announce it to everyone's favorite team, The Victorious Misfits. So I did, explained why I was back, and explained to some that its not personal. As many people know, I like the players in TVM. For the most part it was just questions about how gifted accounts work or old friends saying hello. But two things definitely surprised me.

1) The amount of people thinking that they caught me with my pants down. Several people went on to claim that i'm cheating and multi accounting because two accounts are still there. While the latter is true that two accounts are there. One is clearly not active, so if I am cheating, I am doing a terrible job. The next is that I have sent a support ticket, that was the first thing I did. I'm sure for the most part it was an honest mistake. Just weird to get accused when I even specified in the email that I sent a ticket to the admins myself.

2) More people are unhappy in TVM than I originally thought. A good deal of messages involved disgruntled players complaining about leadership.

Other notes: After one day in MS and seeing a siege by us in TVM. I can definitely say that TVM attacks with a lot of defensive units or no escorts. However, two players have definitely stood out as good players. Thadden12 and Esuobiroc are two players who stood out and fought properly in the siege. I'm sure there are many others who were on the way or reports we missed, we the sad truth is that the majority had less than 40 LS or were poorly escorted transports.

Here's to many good fights boys. :)