Ialysos Newspaper #2


Ialysos Newspaper

By Joseph Nieves and R.H.Stogus​

Issue 2: 6/23/18

Table of Contents
1.Top 10
2. Interviews
3. War Stats and News
4. Map Stuff
5. Memes​

Welcome to the second issue of the Ialysos Newspaper, made by Joseph Nieves and R.H.Stogus. There was such a positive reception last time that we had to return for an encore.Today, we’re going to cover what is going on in this world. Expect interesting wars and other information.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!​

Top 10
You might notice that some of these seem similar to the first issue. In the case of a few alliances there hasn't been much change that warrants a new prediction or analysis. Credit to R.H. Stogus for writing about the new faces in the fold.
  1. MANBEARPIGS- Based in Ocean 55, they have the best core of any top alliance. They put up a crooked number against PG and continue to pick up top players along the way. They are in cruise control and face no existential threats.
  2. Blood Brothers- Based in 54, Blood has a solid core and a dominating presence in 54. Like MANBEARPIGS, they were successful in their war efforts against PG. With PG gone perhaps the war with Overdose picks up more steam.
  3. Blood- Same as above.
  4. Winter Wolves- Winter wolves is what is left of Praetorian Guard, plus several players from Wooden Nickels and Bad Pennies. Like PG they still have an issue of being too spread out. They could benefit from the leadership change and the chance to rethink strategy going forward.
  5. Chalcidian League- Spread evenly across Ocean 44. They still have Ocean 44 secured thanks to their pact with Overdose. Since the first issue the Republic of Caledonia has fallen apart. That has given Chalcidian League and Overdose some of their top players and the loss of the dead weight means more food. Chalcidian League and Overdose are set up well for success, as they've grown very nicely and remain under the radar (relative to their size).
  6. Overdose- Based mainly in 44, they now have a war against a top alliance. They have taken and lost cities to Blood along the 44/54 border. So far Overdose is trailing 8-2 and will need to turn it around if they want to continue to grow in the core.
  7. *ONE*- It is one of the new alliances that have come to reach the top 10 alliances. Spread evenly in O34, O35, O44 it is lead by Congressman and surfninja. It is hard to say if they will last. As long as the other alliances don't bother it that much it will go a long way.
  8. Azteca- Another relatively up and coming alliances located mostly in the southern oceans with a huge portion in O46 and O56. They are currently the top ranked alliance in these oceans by a big margin. This rim alliance will last quite a long time.
  9. HYDRA- Spread evenly across Ocean 54. Seems to be avoiding any conflict with Blood, the only top alliance near the majority of their cities. They are losing 4-0 against Blood but it's hard to call it much of a war at this point. Hydra seems to be focused on building up and not on wars.
  10. Angel Guardians- A new contender that has finally reached the top 10 alliance. Based in O55 it is ranked third in that ocean. They would have have to toughen themselves if they wish to remain in the top 10 or higher as they share the ocean with MANBEARPIGS and Blood(Brothers).
Interview with RU Sure of Azteca

Cachet: What are your thoughts on the world so far?

RU Sure: I entered late so I didn't get to see the start of the world, that being said, there are a couple of Alliances that have created a good core so everyone else is already catching up!

Slow worlds are definitely for the players in for the long haul as well.

Cachet: The late start is something I noticed when looking at your alliance, with most of your cities being close to the border of the core and rim oceans. How do you think that late start will affect your alliance's ability to compete with the other top alliances in this world?

RU Sure: The late start will be an issue we have to manage. That being said, we have good leadership and a plan to help build into an alliance that can sustain itself as well as a few potential partnerships to help with our growth. One of the only things this speed world can help nullify is a late start. It is still all about the players, but we are hoping to be able to find a comfortable home in this world.

Cachet: Are you a premade? If so, where have you guys played before?

RU Sure: We will leave that question up in the air....players that really know how to play Grepolis already know the answer to that question.

Cachet: Is your alliance at war with anyone? If so who?

RU Sure: We have not declared war on anyone. Our alliance is focused on growth and security at this time.

Cachet: Why you and the other leaders decided to name your alliance Azteca?

RU Sure: Surf Trips to Mexico and South America :)

Interview with Oriontheconquer formerly PG now in MB

Cachet: My first question is about the old alliance you were in, Praetorian Guard. I was wondering if you could share what you saw unfold in the days leading up to collapse.

Oriontheconquer: The main thing that happened with Praetorian Guard, was that the new world opened. Leadership went to play in that world. When the alliance members started getting no response to questions, rumors started. When leadership started losing trips and cities, with no response the alliance crumbled quickly.

I am isolated, so just a spectator to the events as they unfolded.

Cachet: Ok so you played back in Zeta, and perhaps before that. There have been a lot of changes to the game since then. How have these changes affected your enjoyment of the game or approach to the game?

Oriontheconquer: Zeta was my first world. I will just list out the changes I have noticed and my thoughts.

Night Bonus: Complete failure of the concept of a war game. My guess is whining created the existence of it.

BP instead of resources for farms: Slots are hard enough to get. Resources made sense. The need to use BP is a waste of time. A side result is now I attack any size city. Eliminating potential long term players from the game. The 500 point city is continually hit so I can get farm levels up. Then they ghost.

Trading Gold: It makes sense for inno. It makes it very hard for a player not to use gold. You can tear down my wall and I will have a new wall before your attack lands.

Events started when I was in Zeta. They also represent a disadvantage for people not using gold.

Overall, the focus appears to be any way InnoGames can squeeze gold out of this game they will try it. End result less players.

Cachet: I know your cities are not quite in the middle of the action, but what are your thoughts on Ialysos as a whole?

Oriontheconquer: Pretty typical world. A couple of big alliances with heavy gold users are out front. Other alliances struggling to see how they fit. Leadership challenges. MRAs are still a groups of people that feel they need to belong to something. The world does not seem to have many people. US72 may have stunted the growth of this world.

The real test will be long term, do the bigs stay together? Does leadership lose interest and they disband? Will what happened in Zeta happen here, one big alliance and everyone goes after them?

The ending of Zeta was a wild ride. The middle was kind of like a pond overgrown by moss and algae.

Cachet: You're in The Evil Empire right now. Are you content staying in a 3 person alliance or is it a placeholder until you decide on your next step?

Oriontheconquer: I am content for now, in order to have any chance at WW something will change.

World Map
Three weeks has gone by since the last issue. What has changed? See for yourself! Below you will see the world map from the first issue, followed by the world map as it looks today.​





Nickle and Diming a Path to Victory
About a week after Issue 1, Supernova and Gray Sails became one. The merger came with a name change for both alliances. Supernova became Wooden Nickels and Gray Sails became Bad Pennies. The move gives them the most cities in 45, with a slim lead over Praetorian Guard (PG). SunTsi, a leader in Bad Pennies, described the merger as a natural evolution and as a process that’s been discussed for some time.

A smooth transition will be important, as they are small fish in a big pond. They have PG to their north and MANBEARPIGS (MB) to their east. Right now both of those alliances are focused on each other. This gives Nickels and Pennies time to build a core to the south and/or west, and devise a plan on how to protect their frontline cities. What they do during this time could go a long way towards how they fare in this world.

Uniting was a necessary move for these two alliances in the bottom half of the top 10, as they couldn’t take on a top 3 alliance on their own. It was the first stage of a natural evolution, and only time will tell what the next stages have in store.
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Goodbye PG, Hello Winter Wolves
After 1.5 months in the world, PG is no more. On June 11th, Katane opened. As a speed 3 conquest world, it attracted more interest than Ialysos. This includes from PG’s leaders. Several players I spoke to from PG pointed to the new world as the moment where things went downhill. The leaders stopped being active in Ialysos, which resulted in players leaving and the creation of Winter Wolves (WW).

Tbom9 said on the forum that it was inactivity, members being poached, cities being spread out, and the new world that destroyed PG. He also pointed out that he gave leadership to several players but they decided to disband and create a new alliance. Members leaving and spread out cities have long been problems for PG. They have been a contributing factor to PG losing 45-7 in their war against MB and Blood.

WW is not quite PG part II. They have recruited players from several other alliances including: RAWR, ApoCalyptic, Wooden Nickels/Bad Pennies, and *One*. In addition, several PG players are now with MB and Blood. WW is also re-evaluating things from a strategic standpoint. I wasn’t given any details but I assume one of the topics that will come up is the no diplomacy strategy. It didn’t work well for PG at all, as seen in the lopsided war score. Being as spread out as they are, they could benefit from having a friend.

Note: These two stories were written in real time. Consider them a snapshot into the pass if you will. The stories have since become more interconnected as Winter Wolves continues to take on players from Wooden Nickels and Bad Pennies. The merge is an example of the strategic change that has taken place from the PG days. It's also a reminder of how fast a world can move.

War Stats
30 - 4

MANBEARPIGS vs Angel Guardians

Blood + Blood Brothers vs Praetorian Guard [DISBANDED]
15 - 3

Blood + Blood Brothers vs HYDRA

Wooden Nickels vs Praetorian Guard [DISBANDED]
1 - 7

Wooden Nickels vs MANBEARPIGS

2 - 8

Tavern Rumors
Courtesy of R.H.Stogus
This section is new to the newspaper. In this section, there will be a lot of rumors flying around. Some are TRUE and others are FALSE. Feel free to discuss them in the comments below.

  1. Praetorian Guard disbanded due to Leadership and Top players joining US 72 Katane
  2. MANBEARPIGS have a pact with the Blood Alliances
  3. OVERDOSE plans to start an all out offensive against the Blood Alliance
  4. Certain players that trash talk on the externals don’t actually play the world.
  5. Winter Wolves and Winters Court have nothing in common.
  6. One of the authors of this newspaper is a 175 point city pretending to play Ialysos
  7. Some Russian alliance have decided to play on this world.

Courtesy of R.H. Stogus

A Special Advertisement From The Writers
One of the writers, R.H.Stogus (Also known as Scipio Africanus I on the externals) has opened his graphics shop. If you need a avatar, Coats of Arms, or Signature, head on down to his place and place an order!!


We hope you enjoyed this issue of the Ialysos Newspaper. Special thanks to those that agreed to do interviews and contributed to our stories. Let us know what you think.


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