I have decided...


That I will be here for a while. It's been a while since I played and offensive role in Chi and it is probably long overdue that I did that again. I have another server that I am tops in but maybe I should divert my attention since all of Chig Nation thinks it is cool to quake my zero wall back down to zero 6 times (can it go lower?)

Anyway, I really like some of Chig Nation and I will never let that be a secret and I probably won't attack them. However, there are some I strongly dislike. So, the spells and the fruitless attacks have brought me back to life. I will put my other server on hold for a while until I can cause just enough trouble in Chi that it may bother a couple folks. I know I am a terrible player with no skills but I might be able to put one or two attacks together that may make someone think twice about spelling my zero wall back down to zero. Until then, I hope everyone has a great day/night and I am open season. So if you think you can get it, come and try

Otherwise, be on the look out (BOLO) because I may be coming.

Love you all (most of you),