How you like this world so far?

The world seems to have some promise. Areas are competitive, albeit a little sparsely populated in my sector. It seems to perfect world to get my toes wet again, although I wish it were Revolt instead of Conquest - always preferred that method, for some reason. Only complaint so far.

The Alliances are a bit underwhelming, which I suppose is as expected this early on. Can't wait to see the MRAs get their imminent beat down shortly. All in all, its seeming like something to look forward to - refreshing...


They must have sent support or resources to one of the accounts, which is against the rules. You have to declare the shared connection on both accounts, but if one of the accounts supports, attacks, or sends resources to the other account you will get banned.
It is my understanding that IF two players declare a shared internet connection, the game won't even allow them to support each other.... so...idk... I could be wrong.