How to snipe with 934 slingers


Can someone help me with some in game tips? I have 934 slingers in my city and I have a cs incoming. Should I frontsnipe or backsnipe with those? I have heard some top player from russia usually do perfect frontsnipes


Get your wall to 0 or 1 max, and back snipe. Being in CQ world and having slingers in your city, back snipe is the only option for success.
For naval cities, like bir - it's front snipe. If you have trirs, you can do both - front and back. Front is always better.
So, it's normally birs/trirs front and fliers/olu back. But, make sure that olu comes from the attacked city or from the city on the same island.
Always have in mind that 0 wall is essential for CQ worlds unless you are on the whole red island and has LTS - if this is the case, talk to leaders to evaluate pros and cons of LTS.
And the best way to stop CS is to spot it in time, post in forum and ask team to help.