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    Strong, Elite, Vast, Feared, Hated, Loved, what do all these words have in Common? They all are adjectives that can and have been used to describe the Havoc Alliance.

    Why am I telling you this?
    Well, this may surprise you but for a limited time we are extending offers to join this top tier group of players. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join up with Havoc and wreak, you guessed it, havoc on the axis of bad guys in Upsilon. We are a very active and powerful guild, but at the same time we are dedicated to making this game fun, this is something no other alliance can claim!

    Joining Havoc has numerous benefits for today's Grepolis player. From constant BP from unescorted attacks, the famous Havoc Lottery, and even the opportunity to gain not one not two, well maybe one or two, cities that have been developed by legendary Havoc members.

    But Don't just take my word on why Havoc is the alliance for you. Just read these many member testimonials!
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    It was 3am when my wife boldly came down the stairs and asked
    "Who are you talking to?"
    "It's Jake from State Farm" I replied.
    She then proceeded to rip the phone away and began to interrogate my insurance agent
    "What are you wearing 'Jake from state farm' "
    He replied
    "A Havoc T Shirt"
    She stared at me with a tranced look, took my hand and led me back upstairs to the bedroom where we did things we have never done before. I've been a member ever since.
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    Being a married woman with 2 small children and a professional career, I have historically found it difficult to make the time to work out and keep in shape. Traditional programs have never been able to keep my attention for more than a couple of months and 'dieting' has never been a part of my vocabulary. Last year, I stumbled upon the Havoc Alliance after joking around with a co-worker and decided to try it out for myself. I tried a pole dancing workshop, found it to be so much fun and much more difficult than I had expected. I was instantly intrigued and decided to try more classes in an effort to get better. What I quickly realized, however, is that I wasn't strong enough and lacked the gaming experience to do what I saw others doing in class. Luckily, being a part of the Havoc Nation, I had other resources to tap into. I decided to take strength training classes, fitness classes, boxing classes, and a whole lot of dance classes. As quickly as I decided to expand my workout repertoire, I started losing weight... and a lot of it. Soon, working out became part of my daily routine and I was finally able to stick to a workout program that I enjoyed doing. I was having so much fun attending classes that it didn't feel like 'work'. I was having fun and enjoying the company of new friends I had met in the guild.

    After being in Havoc for less than a year, I have lost a total of 25 pounds (and counting)... most of which I had lost in the first 4 months of my membership. I've become leaner, stronger, and I've learned a thing or two about pole dancing (laugh). The stereotypical ideology that pole dancing only belongs in strip clubs, holding the interest of lewd men, is now no longer part of my belief. In my opinion, pole dancing and ALL the classes offered at the Havoc Nation empower women (of all shapes/sizes/ages) to strive to be the healthy person they have every potential to be... and have a lot of fun getting there!
  4. I am having a pole installed this weekend. When are you available for private lessons?
  5. IkamDeraj

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    When Choosing an Alliance I really had to think, was this the right place for me???? Lets see:

    H: Hunt
    A: All
    V: Vicious
    O: Orphaned
    C: Cockatoos

    Um, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and finally YES!!!

    Five very important components of an alliance contained in one little 5 Letter acronym which just happened to be an organization I could join….

    But I was still tore- Do I join HAVOC in all its glory to all to kill all the misguided vicious cocks (as we call them in the biz) of Upsilon?

    Or join the heralded Brony Guild???? http://twentypercooler.guildlaunch.com

    Ah decisions decisions!!!

    Well- I must say making the decision to rid Upsilon of all the "cocks" was the best decision I ever made….

    Long live HAVOC!!!!
  6. firebrand

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    I have to say that Havoc Nation has done everything and more that I asked for when I bought it! I was skeptical at first, but after sticking with it for several months I have seen enormous growth in my body. My biceps have doubled in size. My legs are like tree trunks. My torso is lean, cut, and rock hard. My lungs have expanded so much that I can survive underwater for up to 20 minutes without having to take a breath. I can run three miles in less than ten minutes! And there are no side effects besides feeling awesome about your body! Havoc Nation worked for me, and it can work for you too!
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    I was looking for an alliance and I was going to join this group...what was their name...ugh...I believe they were called "The Hive." They promised to fight to the last man, defending their name until the bitter end, no odds would be deemed insurmountable against such a valiant crew of champions of Grepolis - then they dissolved. Well, anyways, I digress.

    So, I found an add for Havoc on an information board at my school. It read, "Havoc: Chow, Lei capische l'inglese? Non capisko l'inglese. Lei capische l'italiano? Si, multo bene! Ego magnus vir, et tu?" Naturally, I responded, "Ja, ick bin ein groBer Mann!" So, I pulled off one of those little tabs with the contact information and noticed that their phone number was simply #1. Perplexed, I dialed the single digit telephone number and a woman, nay, a siren's voice answered, whispering seductively, "You can save 15% or more on your car insurance by switching to Havoc." Naturally, I ride a unicycle, so I informed her that I had no use for auto insurance. She responded with words like an angel's voice, "We have unicycle insurance as well."

    Rejoicing, I signed up and the benefits of joining Havoc have never ceased flowing. My unicycle now sports twin V12 8,235 horsepower engines fueled by the tears of Havoc's enemies. Women, men, squirrels, lemons flock to me begging for just one touch, one whisper. My sword is longer and harder than ever (their armories have high quality steel, that is to say). Now I wander the world (of Grepolis) with a confidence that I never imagined, wearing my complimentary 3 wolves - 1 moon t-shirt. Thank you Havoc Nation!
  8. Urbiegirl1

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    Mar 2, 2014
    Is this where I sign up for pole dancing classes?
  9. Fortis Signa

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    Idk turn around let me see what you're working with.
  10. Urbiegirl1

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    Mar 2, 2014
    Hmmmmmmm lets see......I 4'8 and 350lbs. Some people say I resemble a bean bag chair, but I think it is more of a "loveseat". ;)
  11. Ekballo

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    Built for comfort and not for speed eh?
  12. Oliver Clothesoff

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    Sep 10, 2013
    Is recruiting still open??
  13. Fortis Signa

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    This ones not for you, its not a front runner.
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    I just hope you remembered how the 'Havoc Nation' empowered you every time you enjoy attacking the company of the wonderful former friends you betrayed.

    I've never seen a fat vulture, so I guess eating the dead carrion flesh of former friends will keep you thin.
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  15. Oliver Clothesoff

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    Sep 10, 2013
    First time for everything