Hand of Time



So I am trying this alliance again, last time I said Torg was going to help me but then he suddenly went inactive. But now we are both here and will be leading this alliance to victory! Anyway for those who don't know me this is my third (2nd real attempt) at making a premade alliance. I have had some mediocre success then followed by failure. I have been playing for about 2 1/2 years and have led alliances in the past, some were met with great success. We will be the most aggressive alliance and strive for abp gains to achieve dominance.

If you would like to join then please pm me, decky66
We also have spots open for:
(2) Leaders
(2) Forum Mods

Direction ~ SW to O45

decky66 ~Founder
Torgaddon ~Co-Founder
pradyumn ~Leader
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Good luck and may the gods of Olympus be in your favor. Good luck to all of you!


I'm unsure of what he has done on en. but I know he led alliances in Rho and Psi here on us.

I also led alliances here and some on en. (different name) before, this is just my second real premade attempt


EN was a long time ago and I can't name servers. But I've lead and fought with some great alliances. :)