Halloween World


This is not an idea for an improvement, just for fun. Halloween is my favorite holiday. :) It would be really cool to have a Halloween themed world for October. Not necessarily this year, as it's already almost here, and would need a lot of programming, but maybe next year. :) Not too many adjustments, just a few. Like add limited time only mythical units in addition to the ones that are already there. Vampire, werewolf, zombie, poltergeist, demon, etc. Have it be a day bonus instead of a night bonus for us creatures of darkness. hee hee. You could have like a harvest festival event or do one of the events where Hades is the antagonist. Add bonuses for Hades as a god and certain darker heroes like, for example, Medea and Deimos. Maybe add a Halloween only hero too, someone related to the underworld, like Persephone or Charon. It would be fun!


This is one of the best ideas I have heard in years. To carry it one step farther....Silver tipped weapons ... I just love this