Hagop's grepolis simplified


Hagop's Grepolis Simplified

Table O' Context
Page 1: Basic Structures,Buildings,Commands of grepolis.
Page 2: Conquest and how to do it.
Page 3: Advanced Attack.
Page 4: Advanced Defense.
Page 5: How to be a good leader.
Page 6: City specialization.
Page 7: Special buildings.
Page 8: Myth Units.
Page 9: A journey through the beginner's protection

Page 1: Grepolis Simplified
On the left side of your screen there is a panel and there are many sections in it. The first section is the city overview (we will talk more about this later). Below it there is a messages section. It's you personal inbox where you can send or receive messages. Below it is the reports section where you can see reports of attacks. Below it there is the Alliance section. In here you can check announcements,alliance members,recent alliance events (promotion,invitations),alliance properties,Banner,pacts,reservations. Below it is the alliance forum. This is a very important section be sure to check this or the founder will kick you out of the alliance for not being active in the forums. Below the alliance forums section there is the Rankings,profile,Forum (external grepolis forum),invite friends,chat (not important).On the right side there is settings,toggle audio,help and log out.

A- City overview
This overview shows your city's current condition. In here you can check other overviews such as:

In here you can construct or demolish buildings. Some buildings are greyed out because you haven't reached the minimum requirements to get them.


In here you can see your farm's level or enlist militia (more on militia later). You get 10 militia for every farm level and 15 militia per farm level if you have researched city guard.


A place where you can make units. Some units cannot be built since you either don't have the population for them, haven't researched them, your barracks' level isn't high enough in levels or you don't have the resources for them. Myth units are made here too.

A place where ships can be made. It's like the barracks so I won't discuss it further. A CS (colony ship) is built here.

A place where you can research technologies that need research points. These research points can be gained by upgrading the academy. There is a limit to research points and using them the most efficient way will be discussed later.

VI-City Wall
In here you can see how many troops you lost or killed while attacking or defending.

A place where you can store silver that can be used on spy missions (more on this later).

It's the building in which you can increase your cultural level by doing a city festival or a theater play (costs resources), Olympic games (costs 50 gold), and a victory procession (for a cost of 300 battle points). It's also the place where you can see your troops who are outside your city or soldiers that are defending your city. From here you can call them back or send defending units back to their respective cities. There is also a handy tool called the simulator where you can simulate a battle and see if you will turn out victorious or not.

This is the place where you can choose which god to worship.

From here you can accept trade offers or you can put trade offers for others to see. Note: You need the market to be above level 5 to be able to trade for gold.

How to attack:
-Click the city you want to attack.
-Select the 2 swords icon.
-Select how many units you want to include in your wave.
-Press attack.

1) Your attack can be a regular attack or Breakthrough attack (more on breakthrough later).
2) You won't be able to attack someone if you:
-Haven't included the minimum required ratio in the attack (a percentage of your total troop count)
-Target is in vacation mode.
-Target is banned with a non attack able ban (not an attack able ban).
-The city belongs to you.
3) It's wise to spy someone before attacking.

Now that you have silver in your cave you have the ability to spy! Go to the city you want to spy and click it, click the espionage icon and a box will appear and in it put how much silver you want to use (minimum is 1000 silver however 1001 silver is the best quantity to send. Always add 1 more silver in your spy attempts just in case the target has the same amount of silver you have). A spy will take time to arrive and once he arrives a report will be shown on whether he was successful or not (reports will show the amount of troops,building level,and resources in the city).

Someone is attacking you??? Don't panic! This is the most efficient way to deal with people who attack a lot (Defense for non-CS attacks):
-Activate militia
-Send all your troops away from your city.
-Spend all your resources.
-Ask for help in the forum to ATTACK the attacker (sending defense to the attacked city is what the attacker wants which is more battle points. Attacking his city though might get catch his city undefended and might clear him out, so the best defense is a good counter attack).

That's it you now know the basics of grepolis!
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Page 2: How to conquer a city
I- Academy Level 28
II- Warehouse level 20 (with Ceramics researched).
III- Colony ship and conquest researched.
IV- Enough land and sea units to accompany a CS.
B-Steps of conquering:
I- Send a CS accompanied by units and ships as an attack.
II- Post in the forums that the CS has been launched in a clear template that is usually provided by the leadership.
III- Time attacks and defenses to reach before and after the CS attack (attacks before CS, support after CS).
IV- Wait x amount of hours (variable with world speed) till the siege ends.
Note: (More on timing attacks and defense later).
C- Best targets to conquer
The best targets to conquer are those with high points, have a strategic importance, are in an enemy alliance, or ghost cities which are neglected by the enemy but are needed by your alliance.

A simpler breakdown on how to conquer a city:
1) After you have chosen your target reserve the city and post about it in the forums using the proper format.
2) Ask for help. You most probably wont be able to clear and defend a city against an active target.
3) Plan your approach and organize it first. Do not send a CS blindly. People might not be able to help you so secure help first.
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Page 3: Advanced Attacking:
Knowledge of basic attack strategies.

What's this?
In grepolis there are many attack types:
Breakthrough attack,Horsemen nuke,Fake CS attacks,Myth nuke,LS nuke,Land nuke,Slinger nuke,Hoplites nuke,Farming attack,Timing attacks.

1-Timing attacks:
A very important skill every grepolis player must train on. Once you send your CS check on your nearby cities. Example: I launched a CS from city A and it will take 10 hours to reach its target and it will reach the target at 11:35:48. Try to find cities which are close to that target and can attack it before the CS lands at 11:35:48. Once you find a city click it and see how much time it needs to arrive let's say it needs 2:35:55 hours to arrive. So what do you do to know when to launch that attack??? Simply subtract the 2 values (CS landing - Time for attack to arrive) and you will get the time when you need to launch the attack.
NOTE: Grepolis has an anti timer to make the game fair. It will randomly subtract or add seconds to your attacks be careful on those when sending the attacks out DOUBLE CHECK the time.

2-Breakthrough attacks:
This is an attack used to break sieges while neglecting the biremes in the port. This attack neglects the navy and directly gives the transports the ability to land the units without killing all the ships. There is a downside though which is that your navy will fight 50% weaker.

3-Fake CS attacks
A bluffing strategy. You can land the attack either before or after the real CS attack but make sure it's weak so it doesn't kill your troops and the CS, also make sure not to send attacks or supports between these 2 waves (so send the fake attack either 1 wave before or after the CS).

4- Myth nukes:
Mainly used to break sieges or as an emergency city clearance nuke. Best city clearing nuke is the manticore one since it's strong and it flies. Don't use Myths to defend since they only defend cities with the same god worshiping it.

5- LS nuke:
This attack is a pure Light ship wave. It's used to destroy as many biremes as it can. The strongest LS nukes consist of 200+ LSs. I personally reached 270 LS in 1 city and I will explain how later.

6- Land nuke:
Offensive troop making city. In my opinion I divide the population evenly and make an equal amounts of units. This is used as a land clearing force.

7- Slinger/horsemen/hoplite nuke
This is a city that will only produce just 1 kind of a unit. You don't have to do a lot of these. Just have 1 or 2 with you. They are mainly used to soften up specialized city defenses.

8- Farming attacks:

Let's take the following case: You need resources and you have cleared a city. Defensive units have a higher capacity to loot resources so it's more logical to send them as a farming attack but in one condition though which is that an offensive unit wave must attack the city before the farming wave arrives to insure the safety of these units.
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Page 4: Advanced defense

I-Defending a siege
The best way to defend a siege is by sending defensive units to the city as fast as you can. Send defenses as close to the CS arriving time as possible. That way you can insure that your CS stays safe sooner.

II-Defending against a CS attack
The obvious signs of a conquest is that there are many attacks and supports incoming at your city. By this I mean that whenever you check the troop movement overview you will see attacks and supports coming from an enemy alliance. The best way to defend against a CS attack is to snipe it. Sniping: Sending a defense to a city before the CS arrives and after the last attacking wave lands Example:
Last wave of attack lands at 00:00:01. Your support lands at 00:00:05, enemy CS lands at 00:00:10. One of your attacks land at 00:00:15, First enemy support lands at 00:00:20. This is sniping. You can also use the city getting attacked to snipe. All you have to do is send the defensive units to support a city and time the support to arrive before 1 second of the CS. The offensive units can be used the same wave just make sure they arrive 1 second after the CS.

NOTE: You will have to RECALL the units so that you can snipe using the city the CS is being sent so be sure that you are using this at the time when there is only 10 min remaining for the CS to land because after 10 minutes have passed you can't recall (unless the troops have actually arrived). If the waves have times which are more than 10 minutes (means the waves of attacks start to arrive 10 minutes before the CS) you can simply send the soldiers to attack a city and defensive soldiers to support another one. The chosen city must be chosen in a way that it will make the journey end before the CS attack and after the last attack wave like Final attack wave landing at 00:00:00. Defending troops come back to city at 00:00:05. CS lands at 00:00:06. Attack units come back to city at 00:00:07. Recalling doesn't have an anti timer (if done before 10 seconds have passed after the launch) so it's the best way to snipe a target, so choosing the right city the right time is the tough thing to do here.
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Page 5: How to be a good leader
Being a leader is 50% skill and 50% innate ability if you have them both go and run for presidency. Innate ability is the charisma and the leadership senses (spider senses ;)). A leader is a very important asset in an alliance. A leader is responsible for everything going inside the alliance.
Assets of a good leader:
-Daily Activity
A leader must never be inactive for more than 2 days.He must be active and check the forums daily and answer the questions posted there.
-English Grammar
A leader must be able to express his thoughts properly so none of the members get confused.
-Decision making
This is an important asset for a leader since he will have to make decisions regarding recruitment or pacts.... A leader must think carefully be he acts.
-Being Social
A leader must participate in any alliance activity (chat,competition). This is so he can get to know the people in the alliance better and get friendly with them.
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Page 6: City specialization:
This is the most important section of the guide read it well. I saw many questions about the "ideal city" and city specialization. In my experience it is as follows.
Once you get your 2nd city you must start thinking about doing this why??? Because this will give you "The best of both worlds" (attack and defense) and it will organize your cities. In my experience there are 5 types of cities which are:LS city,bireme city,Land attack city,Land defense city,Myth nuke city.

LS city.
Buildings to build:
Harbor (maxed),Farm (maxed),Timber camp (max),Silver mine (level 30),quarry (level 20),warehouse (max),Thermal baths,barracks (level 0),market(level 5),Cave(level 10),Wall (level 0 since you won't make land units so walls won't help),temple(level 10).
Units to make
Researches to research:
Booty,Ceramics,Light Ship,Shipwright,Plow,Mathematics,Cartography,Battering Ram,battle experience,strong wine,diplomacy,democracy.

Bireme cities
Buildings to build

Harbor(max),Farm(max),Timber Camp(max),Silver mine(level 20),Quarry(level 30),Warehouse(max),barracks (level 0),thermal baths,market(level 5),Cave(level 10),Wall (level 0 since you won't make land units so walls won't help),temple(level 10).
Units to make
Researches to research:
Booty,Ceramics,Biremes,Shipwright,Plow,Mathematics,Cartography,Battering rams,battle experience,strong wine,diplomacy,democracy.

Land attack city
Buildings to build
Barracks (max),resource buildings (max),harbor (level 20),Wall(any),temple(10),cave(10),market(5),thermal baths,tower.
Units to make:
Researches to research:
Slingers,Hoplites,booty,ceramics,Horsemen,trainer,Meteorology,light ship,conscription,catapults,colony ship,fast transport ships,plow,bunks,Phalanx,breakthrough,Conquest,stone hail,battle experience,set sail,strong wine,diplomacy,democracy.

Land defense city:
Buildings to build:
Barracks (max),resource buildings (max),harbor (level 20),Wall(max),temple(10),cave(10),market(10),thermal baths,tower.
Units to make:
Researches to research:
Archers,Hoplites,diplomacy,booty,ceramics,Chariots,trainer,Meteorology,,conscription,colony ship,fast transport ships,plow,bunks,Phalanx,Conquest,battle experience,set sail,strong wine,democracy.

Myth nuke city:
Buildings to build:
Barracks(max),resource buildings(max),temple(max),city wall(max),thermal bath,Divine Statue
Units to make:
Myth units
Researches to research:
Booty,Ceramics,Trainer,Democracy,Plow,Phalanx,temple looting,divine selection,strong wine,diplomacy,democracy.
NOTE:What I stated here is only the minimum requirements.
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Page 7:Special Buildings
Grepolis introduced a new building type in the 2.0 version. I will try to talk about them specifically in this page:

It's a RIP OFF to build this really. I would trade the theater any day with the thermal baths. Why? Because saving 5000 wood,6000 stone,5000 silver for making a theater play is still not good enough. Theater plays are like city festivals but cheaper. Not saving that much resources for extra population is better than saving that much resources for normal size population.

Thermal Baths:
Best special building out there. It gives you extra population which you can use to make units! Definitely go for this.

If you go with my city specialization guide you won't need this. You will have enough research points to research desired technologies so DON'T make this. Make thermal baths.

2nd best left hand special building. Make this in cities which are far away from the action and see the 15% speed boost for the navy.


One of the best right hand special buildings. Do this in the army nuke cities of yours. Don't bother with this in your navy nuke cities cause a tower without soldiers is useless. So make this in your land nuke cities. Save the 60 population points on ships in your naval cities.

Divine Statue
One of the best right hand special buildings. Either build this or a tower in your cities. It gives a boost to favor production.

One word to describe this... FAIL. Do you know if your city is going to be spied on in the future? If you do know a city of yours that is going to be spied on build this. The oracle shows you the report of a spy attempt even if the attempt was successful. The catch about this??? It only shows the spy attempts of the city the oracle is built in so don't even THINK about building this.

Merchant's shop:
If you are making a city that will only send resources out then build this. It will help trading. Don't build this in nuke cities.
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Page 8: Myth units
The gods of grepolis offer their help in your militaristic expeditions in exchange for favor. Myth units are really good to have. Dedicating 3-4 cities on making them is really profitable. I would suggest 1 myth city for every 10 city you get. Myth units take too much time to build and are expensive so use them in emergencies only. My most favorite nuke is the Manticore nuke. They fly which gives them the ability to directly attack a city bypassing a bireme firewall. They also have a decent attack compared to other flyers. Don't ever think about using myth units for defense. They only support a city which worships their god which is really a problem in my opinion grepolis should fix so myth units can join in any defense.
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Page 9: A journey through the beginner's protection

The beginner's is the first phase of any grepolis world. It isn't constant in a sense that every world has different BP days. Using BP effectively is one of the marks that determine fast growth/successful start. Effective BP usage is determined by a couple of factors which will be discussed below.
1- Activity:
The most important factor in my opinion. Activity plays a huge role in the first days in a grepolis world. The more active you are, the more tasks you will be able to carry out.

2- Effective farming:
When building a city, you will require lots of resources that your resources collectors won't be able to produce. Here comes the role of the farming villages. Farming villages provide you resources on a timely basis. As tempting as the last option seems 5 minute farming yields the most amount of resources, if farmed constantly. Loot whenever you can but don't drop the farming village's mood less than 80%.

3- Building queues:
Always try building correctly and purposefully (don't randomly build stuff). Keep your queue always full.

As mentioned above BP has different days. No one guide can be used as a clear indication for a step by step tutorial. The following guide will take into account a speed 3 world with 4 days of BP

First day:
On the first day your goal should be upgrading your economy,therefore focus on upgrade your senate, resource collectors, and your warehouse preferably to level 10/15/10 respectively. Use the in-game tutorial as objectives that you should complete. Try and use the rewards effectively, as in try and build stuff so that you can make room for the rewards you are about to get. Fulfill as many tasks as you can but prioritize the economical ones. Upgrade your temple to level 5 as well if possible. Conquer as many farming villages as you can. 3 FVs is a good start for your first day. Prioritize island quests that will provide you with resource production boosts, but don't ignore unit reinforcement rewards specifically horsemen rewards. Obtain as many forced loyalty rewards as you can get. If you effectively loot the entire duration of this reward, your warehouse will always be full to the max.

Alliances: An alliance is a group of players who have joined their forces in order to win the world. Alot of newcomers make the mistake of joining the number 1 alliance in the world's rankings. Don't blindly join an alliance. The world's ranking is just one of the factors that determine a good alliance from the bad ones.

1) Alliance profile: The profile of the alliance your seeking entry to will most likely have information written in it. You can judge an alliance, to an extent, from that profile. Check what kind of requirements they have posted, the stats of players they have, information written about their members. You can't judge a book from its cover, but you can pretty much know it's content by judging.

2) Rankings
: As stated above, its not the most important factor but it's a factor regardless. Check the stats of the alliance (Average points/ Attack battle points rankings).
3) Position: Don't join alliances that need 4-6 hours to reach you... You need to join a group that can help you grow and can help you defend your city. Preferably join an alliance that has members at least 1 island away from you.

4) Alliance forum: The most important factor in my opinion. The alliance forum will be visible to you after you actually join an alliance so it's a way to evaluate the group you joined into. If their forum is a mess, lacks activity, or contains wrong info, you should seriously think about leaving that alliance.

5) Communication: An another important factor is communication. Professional alliances usually use third part applications like skype to communicate with each other. Using a chatting application isn't common in alliances. If properly used it will strengthen the bond between the members and it will lead to better teamwork.

Second Day:
On the second day your goal is to start fulfilling the requirements to research conquest. To research conquest, you must:
1) Upgrade your academy to level 28
2) Upgrade your warehouse to level 20 and research Ceramics (so that you can have the required amount of resources)
But to actually conquer a city you also need a Colony Ship which requires the appropriate research and your harbor at level 20.
Upgrade your farm in between those 3 mentioned buildings. Pop space will be crucial on the forth day.
Do not upgrade your resource collectors any further!!! You need as much resources you can put on the above mentioned buildings as possible. Do not clog your building queue with buildings that wont help you rush to conquest.
Try capturing an another farming village. You should have 5 farming villages by the end of this day (which is more than enough to give you resources).
As for island quests always aim to get the forced loyalty reward if you are active and can loot for 5 minutes for the entire duration. Get some unit rewards as well you will need them later.
At the end of the day you should have academy at level 10, warehouse at 15 and harbor at 10.

Third day:
Continue what you were doing on the second day but start researching upgrades from the academy as well (booty and diplomacy will help you a lot). Research horsemen,slingers and hoplites, since they are crucial for the next step. Start making units using your leftover resources.
By the end of the third day you should at least have your academy at level 15,harbor at 15 and your warehouse at level 18 with a sizable army of horsemen at 20,hoplites at 50 and slingers at 50 as well.
As for island quests keep on getting forced loyalty and unit rewards. Use the rewards to save your resources on building.
On this day you should probably start thinking about how you are going to survive when beginner protection ends. Plan attacks on other players on your island and ask for tripwires from the alliance you are in. Trip wiring a city is the act of sending units as support in order to receive a report when the supported city gets attacked. It is usually used in order to notify the supporter if a city got attacked if the supported player is away.

Forth day:
Final day of beginner's protection. You should start pumping troops out of your barracks. Prioritize the making of units on this day. Plan attacks on enemy targets and try getting Improved attack rewards from island quests as well.
If you see the opportunity you can colonize a city as well. Colonizing can help you greatly since you will have 2 cities under your command.
You should aim on getting a sizable army consisting of 100 slingers, 100 hoplites and at least 50 horsemen.
As for buildings you won't be able to build much in this day so try and leveling up your academy to level 22 harbor to 18 and warehouse to 20.