Gythium Newspaper -Third Edition



Welcome to the third issue of the Gythium Newspaper. This edition is rather short to be honest but for the next issue it will be much longer than this one! This edition will involve interviews, whats going on, a few jokes! We have a few interviews here and let's start with CL12345 of the IMPERIAL NETWORK!!!

[spr] cl12345
I heard that you guys are warring with the Imperial Network. Is that true and whats the current score?
We have been at war with them now for almost 3 weeks. I am not sure of the current score but we are ranked #1 in O43 though the imperial guardians have been making gains against us. That is something we shall be changing very soon.

Is your alliance planning to make an academy?
I am unaware of what you mean by this question

What are your thoughts on War Hammer?
My thoughts about War Hammer are as follows, I hope they stay away from O43, If they do come this way I hope them and the Misfits stay on the same side as our alliance is becoming closer with the misfits, and as of right now our alliances biggest confers are firstly the imperials then after that the Dark tide, which has grown rapidly in O53 could be a definite threat soon.

Your alliance has a low average. Why is that?
I believe our alliance's low average for cities is due in fact that O43 is very sparsely populated and further apart giving us less opportunity to capture stronger cities.

Whats your favorite candy?
the crushed hopes and dreams of all who oppose us.

what makes a good alliance?
coordination, aggressiveness, luck, and aggressiveness[/spr]

Thank you for the Interview. I appreciate it!

Some people think that your alliance is an MRA. Do you think it is?
I do not think that our alliance is still an MRA. We are centered in 2 oceans and have not been recruiting. We have the 6th highest average in the top 15 and are starting to gel as an alliance both player and leadership wise. Some tough decisions had to be made by the leaders to drop some players and now that we have our alliance centralized, and on the right foot we can really show what we are made of.

What alliance(s) is your alliance at war with?
We are currently only at war with small alliances in our ocean clearing up our ocean and bringing our player base closer to one another. Our mini-wars Are currently with A.E. of a S. a group of turtle in ocean 65 and Thors Hammer, an MRA with a handful of turtles that are situated in ocean 65 as well.

Since we last met, has there been any changes in the rankings?
Oh A.E. of a S. disband and we have taken or are taking all of their large cities right now.

How many cities has your alliance taken from the enemy? And Vice versa?
We have only taken one from A.E. os a S. and none (yet) from Thors Hammer, but have only put pressure on them in the last day or so and our tactics are working splendidly. I expect to see that number jump in the next few days.

Does your alliance have a "plan" to wipe your enemy off the map or are you just "randomly capturing" cities?
Like I stated above our wars as of right now are about locking down our oceans. If our enemies are in our oceans they will be wiped out.[/spr]

Thank you for the interview, I appreciate it!

[spr]Dalec Returns
After so many weeks since the start of this world, what alliances would you consider to be MRAs and why?
The imperial alliances because of there members

Are you still fighting the Rebellion? If not, then tell me the new alliance you are fighting.
We are still fighting the rebbelion but I would hardly call it a fight. We are moving on

What oceans are you dominating?
44, 55. 54

How would you define an MRA?
An allaince with a low average with many members and bad leader and let's anyone in

Has there been any internal conquests in your alliance ?
Oh an yes to last one[/spr]

Thank you for your interview!

Ive heard that some players have called your Imperial Network a "MRA". Do you think it is an MRA and why?
We were an MRA when we first started everything out, but in the last two or three weeks we have made some cuts. We are really looking for brave members willing to take chances.

Is your alliance network in any wars? If so, name what alliance(s) youve declared war on.
At the moment we are at war with the Warmongers. It may look like we are losing, but they only go for the small app users who do not know how to communicate with us.

What makes a good alliance?
A good alliance has players committed to achieving the same goals, works well with others, and can communicate with other alliance members.

Is the recruitment selective, open to any player, or closed?
At the moment we are currently closed, but might reopen in the upcoming weeks.

What is the score ( How many cities has your alliance conquered from the enemy, and vice versa)?
I haven't checked in awhile, but I believe it is 3-3, will be 4-3 soon(new city for us) :).

Is every member of your alliance network active ( participates in the alliance forum, helps in Ops, etc)
A lot of the members are active and do participate, we encourage everyone to. The ones that don't help the first time, help the second time. We are solving the app user forums and have found a few ways to help them out!

Whats your favorite candy?

Thank you for your interview!


According to some sources, they said that you guys are involved with some wars. What alliances are you fighting? And what is the score right now? Right now we are fighting with Warmongers. I don't keep score, only the end results matter.

Do you believe that you guys will make World Wonders? If so, why do you think so? Yes, I think so because we have a good alliance.

What makes a good alliance? What makes a bad one? Leadership, dedication, communication, and to be able to accept that you will not win all the battles. A bad one is the complete opposite.

Some people have said you guys are MRAs. Do you think your alliance network is a MRA? If not, why do you think so? Imperial Order is not a MRA, the other 2 would probably be considered MRAs. I don't think we are because we don't have very many members but are a tight group that is getting our coordination and timing down pretty good.

What is your favorite Candy? Hmmmmmmm, I would have to say Payday. My least favorite is the racist, anti-Semitic candies that is and were in the Warmongers.[/spr]

This concludes all interviews. Thank you all!


Yellow: War.Hammer
Green: The Rebellion
Red: Imperials
Brown: Grep Reapers

Current events:

Two of the 3 Imperial Network had mysteriously disappeared
War.Hammer's average doubles 2nd place
The Rebellion drops to 5th place

Verdict if War.Hammer will succeed in conquering the world (Warning: Might be Wrong):


Fun Fact of the edition

War.Hammer had changed their name for a few moments and back again...does anyone know what it was?

Rewards: The first person to know the answer to ^ question, then you get a special section in the next issue

Charl- The Title, helping me with newspaper
Matangi- The gif
Check-Mate- Helping me correct the newspaper, aerial photo creds
All of the interviewers- making this newspaper a reality

Lastly, King David II:p- honorary figure
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no offense but this isn't really a's just a bunch of interviews

Maybe next time add comics, breaking news, stats, updates, lottery, obituary


It is a reward for doing well in op they get name change for 24 hours


them Grep Reapers lookin good in 66, 14 in ABP only 13 members. No boosting just had to rep for my boys


hey thx for the creds stogie, but you forgot to give me aerial photo creds for that world map :p


Next edition will come out in 2 weeks

Anyone who wants to be interviewed can say so here
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As a suggestion, you should add more content, not just interviews.


I agree, don't just ask questions like "who are you fighting? What do you think about warhammer? What about thecandyman or The Rebellion?" Throw in some questions like "Who is your biggest problem player (enemy)? Who do you think (this alliance) is pacted/NAPed with? When in a war, what prevents an alliance from losing cities?" And so on.

Mix it up! And don't ask everyone the same questions either! lol :p

But I'll go for round 4 paper


They changed their name to Queen Juneta or princess Juneta, Wheres my reward?


I will do an interview again if you want stogus, but can you come up with more questions and some more interesting ones? ;)

As for the interview we have now taken 3 A.E. of S. cities and made them run to Underworld rising for protection and I have a Thors hammer city under siege right now.


We change our names at the end of successful ops or contests. The contest winner gets to rename the alliance.