Gythium Newspaper II: War Edition




Welcome to the second edtion of the newspaper. In this issue, you will see some masscres, interviews, stats, and maps! We have many interviews today, so stay intuned for what's coming up. So right now of couse, we will start with the major wars and now we got Dalec Returns with us here today for an interview for what's happening in the WH-TR War. Hello Dalec!
[spr]Dalec Returns

Describe the war going on between War.Hammer and The Rebellion...? How many cities has your alliance taken from them?and Vice versa?
We are taking many cities from rebellion compared to there mere two founded cities that we give free of charge if anyone wants one. There leaderships is terrible candyman

What makes a good alliance?
A good allaince has a solid council not one overall leader that no one question

Has other alliances team up against your alliance? If so, tell me the alliances that are going against your alliance.
Tiger were and dark tide has attacked us once or twice and the southern allaince

What do you think about your enemy's founder, The Candyman? Do you think he is a good founder/leader?
He is bad if he was my leader I would leave even if it meant I would lose all my cities

How come JustSomeOldFish has more cities than everyone else?
He uses gold [/spr]

Thank you for your interview, Dalec. You may return playing your game and taking over cities!!! Now lets have our next guest here and Ive got to say that this is a surprise for all of you guys here today...We got Noah the Great 1 here today and he's from the alliance War.Hammer Sucks...enjoy this interview! Hello, Noah the Great 1...come sit down!

[spr]Noah the Great I of War.Hammer Sucks

Describe to me why you do not like War hammer?
I don't like War.Hammer because they think they can just push people around!

What alliance were you in before?
I was in Romanus before but they merged with The Rebellion... and I think they suck.

What's your favorite candy?
I like snickers the most.

What makes a good alliance?
The opposite of War.Hammer!

Which alliance do you think will make World Wonders?
Whatever alliances help me take down War.Hammer![/spr]

That was some ...interesting news there, huh? War.Hammer, you got some competition here!
Next up, I managed to get an interview from kid-z of Imperial Alpha ! Hey Kid-Z, come sit down !

[spr]Kid-z of Imperial Alphas
1.) Do you think your alliance will make to world wonders
yes we are strong, and brave, we are part of the Imperial Net so we are pretty sure we will with our pact members.

2.) What alliance is your alliance at war with?
I wont give names ... but if we are at war with you we will not stop until we wipe you off the maps.

3.) What makes a good alliance?
I think that what should make a good Alliance is a fair leader who will fight along his fellow members till the end... as well as communication and strength in numbers.

4.) If your alliance was "forced" to join the War Hammer and The Rebellion... war, which side would you choose and why?
I have no side to this war .. but if this war came to us we would take sides with those who will die on our side till the end.

5.) Do you think your alliance is a "Mass Recruiting Alliance" ?
we recruit those who with the will to fight when needed and help others yes I guess you can call us a mass Recruiting Alliance.[/spr]
Watch out for this group of guys. They may be soft on the outside but mighty on the inside! Stay intune for more details on this alliance network!

Now we got Kaeluub from Kaeluubians!
[spr]Kaeluub of Kaeluubians

What alliance is your alliance fighting against?

If you are at war, then who's winning? How many cities has your alliance taken from the enemy? And vice versa?
We are, captured maybe 7-8 of their cities, have lost none.

What makes a good alliance?
Activity, coordination, and community.

If your alliance were to join the War.Hammer and The Rebellion... war, which side would you choose and why?
I try not to concern myself too much with wars we're not involved in. Kaeluubians will do what is in our best interest... but that'll depend heavily on WHY specifically we'd get involved in their war (are we attacked by one, etc).

Do you think your alliance will make to world wonders or will it merge with another alliance?
We will go all the way.[/spr]

Now we got Gengar from the Borg Collective!

[spr]Gengar of The Borg Collective

What war(s) is your alliance in right now?
we were in a war with The Rebellion... which was going fairly well, perhaps not as quick as I wanted. but then WH came in and took over.

Is your alliance winning/losing the war and if your winning, how many cities have you taken?
we took a few cities over before WH muscled us

What are your thoughts on this world?
dominated by warhammer

what makes your alliance special?
the fact that we worked pretty well together despite having never done so before.

Some people say your alliance is an you think it is?
definitely not, those that do are in their own mra.[/spr]
There you go!!!! Now we got amirashah with the interview!

What alliance is your alliance at war with?
Right now we are not in any major wars. We recently had a major purge-and-merge which has given us dominance in a large area, but we still need to work on locking down our area more than anything else

What is the current score? How many cities has your alliance taken and vice versa?
As stated above we have no current, major wars so there is not much to report on this front.

Do you think there will be a coalition against your alliance?
There may be in the future, but for the time being, I doubt there will be.

What makes a good alliance?
Activity and communication are key to the success of any alliance. Obviously the alliance that is best at getting coordinated support and attacks will be able to execute more effectively and win wars. out side of those obvious answers, leadership, position, diplomacy, and aggressiveness can make or break any alliance.

If you were told to join the WH - TR war, what side would you join and why?
As of right now we would avoid getting involved in this war in favor of cleaning up our oceans, but if push came to shove it would be a difficult decision, half of our alliance has had long standing relations withThe Rebellion..., yet I hold personal relationships with a few members of War.Hammer.[/spr]
OK, thanks for your opinion! Now we have RussBuss here!

Why have decided to leave the rebellion?
I left The Rebellion... because they betrayed me and try to conquer my city overnight.

Are you planning to stay in Gythium or did you quit?
I am leaving Gythium.

3.) what's you favorite candy?
My favorite candy is Kit-Kat.

what makes a bad alliance?
Bad leadership, inactive members, and horrible communication make a bad alliance.

what world are you planning to join?
I won't be joining another world for a while, I am going to continue to play Delphi and go into vacation mode over the summer, then once I get back into school, I might join another world, and hope not much has changed in Delphi.[/spr]

[spr] CHARL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know The Smilodon Fatalis? And if so, is he a good player?
I don't know Smilodon. He has a cool sig though...

What's your favorite candy?
Take Fives. Look them up they are amazing

Based off grepostats, which alliance is favored to win for WW?
War.Hammer atm the moment. But I think there will be major changes with alliances before end game.

What makes a bad alliance?
One lead by Stogus

Why do you spam so much?
Me? Spam? I would never do that![/spr]


OK, so the red is the War.Hammer...and The Rebellion is yellow :)


^Massive The Rebellion massacre has occurred. Stay intuned for what is coming up soon!

Gamez for PRIZEZ

Pick a # between 1-100. Whoever gets the # correctly gets a the following prize
-happiness spell in either gythium, ithaca, delphi, or ephesus

CREDITS-To Charl, who has been very helpful in this issue
To the interviewers, who support me when I need help
To Daed, keeping this forum and game free
To Everyone, who has been nice to me despite certain exceptions* Cough*
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how can the borg be an mra with 1 member only?

oh, and nice job again stogus


By the way if i make a ticket to that guy i can win the "process"? I made our logo and he stole it. He never asked my permision to use it! So ... an admin should make some moves, or a ticket is necesarly?
It s about player Noah The Great 1, alliane War.Hammer Sucks

PS. I have to say that u should stop playing grepo Stogus. U are doing an excelent job here. I wonder if there are other US worlds with such superb newspaper.
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Keep up the great newsletter! I love it!

Amirashah did great in that interview! :)


What do you want the next issue to be about? :p

Next issue comes in 1 and a half week....


Kidz claimed that he wouldn't join the war yet they initially signed up to fight us. Riiigght.


Finally got my interview in there! Don't be afraid to shoot me a message any time you want another, I would be more than willing to oblige!


The next issue will be on probably not :(

but there maybe a little section for other members...who knows...:D


It seems that Kaeluub was pulling your leg Stogus. They're supporting SA and have declared war on Dark Tide...From Ocean 35. They pacted SA and are trying to fight TM it seems. ;)


Well stogus, Molten Scrouge a group of rim fighters and a reformed MRA with some solid players so I think you could have a chat with me about that too ;)


The next issue will be on probably not :(

but there maybe a little section for other members...who knows...:D

Who hooo!! He doesn't think Molten Scourge is a MRA anymore. I did my job good!! Lol


Sorry, we kinda have it on authority that you tried to join, started losing to WM, and backed out. :)


you don't have a very reliable source for your information, and we're not losing to WM. Only one person in one of the Imperial net wanted to get it on with WH, the rest feel that 1 and 2 day travel times is a bit much right now. Later on, when we move toward each other, assuming y'all move up toward O43 and O33 and we move down to O44, we'll see what happens. When that time comes though, I assure you, we will not back down. Please don't take that as being cocky or arrogant, but i'll think we'll put up a good fight. Better than what you are getting right now perhaps.


TR had it confirmed that one of your alliances joined in. Perhaps it was an oversight by candy? But I guess common sense isn't a bad thing. So points for you. :) last I checked there was more conquests on the WM side than imperials. Overall with the fire power you guys have there's no reason you shouldn't beat them. Or at least have the ball rolling. No offense but WM is playing very well in my opinion.


I guess at a distance, I would appear exactly that way. The only cities they have taken was from some app users and noobs that didn't know how to communicate, so I guess props to WM for picking off the weak ones out of the herd. One more thing is, yes, a couple of the Imperials did MR, but the fat is being trimmed and we are finding out who the solid core players of the alliances are. Most of us didn't join this world until a couple of weeks in, so right now we are getting a feel of each other and playing catch up.


Gotta look at who invited them and kept them. Ultimately that card doesn't work. Just falls on you as alliances will always take easy picks to deal harder blows later. But I see where you're coming from. I like knocking off tougher players too. :)