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We are first to 50k DBP, but I'm not sure if we were really first to 25k DBP like it says now.
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The Rebellion... First to take 50 cities in one week, I don'y know how to take screenshots so you will have to look it up.

dalec returns

War.hammer has taken 50 cities in one week
Don't think you have at least not by what the says say
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the newest 7 days is

War.Hammer: 41
The Rebellion...: 40
The Southern Alliance: 38
The Misfits: 33

These are the closest as of today to 50 in a week. The others are in the lower 20's or less.

Paul S.

Fully updated. Sorry it took me so long guys. 8 Days in a row of work on top of constantly building my business takes some time away lol.

Also, about The Rebellion... being first to 25K DBP: There is an * beside the name there. This is because this milestone has not been confirmed by anyone and I based it off of assumption as at the time I updated, the alliance has the highest DBP over all of them. So I assumed they got there first.. Now if someone actually knows who got there first, please update me. But otherwise that * will stay.


Paul S.

Hey guys, as this page's milestones are filling up quickly; Once they are near complete with the points parts, I'll update the page and bring in newer milestones. The newer milestones won't apply to anything before they go live. Just afterwards. It's like this world is too easy or something!? lol :p

The New Milestones 2.0 are up! Go check it out!
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Paul first of all i wish only best for your family. Much health !
If u are in the mood i have updates on these miles.

Paul S.

I'll update this but PM me in game what you got too. Sorry guys, thanks for that LG!

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I gues it s fair to put both alliances first to 1m atta points. on 7 may 3.40 it was so close. dont know earlier

And for 25 towns and over 250k