Guild Of Assassins

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    authentic made in Italy

    The [ally]Guild Of Assassins[/ally], also known as the brotherhood of assassins and Ḥashāshīn, is an order of assassins who fights a secret war against the Templars throughout History. While the Templars are trying to poke fun at humanity, the assassins fighting to ensure the survival of the free will of men, as it is what allows the progression and growth of individuality.

    The assassins exist from the beginning of independent life of man from the first Civilizations.

    recruitment limited

    diplomacy limited

    for information contact TestaQuadra - Spmela

    We are an Alliance made up of the best players of the Italian server.We are looking for motivated players with desire to play together with us to create together an American sister, our Alliance to fight together as brothers in arms
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    ahaha good english/american massimo :D
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    I try to write correctly, it took me 1 hour :D
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    I like the name.