Guess this Pig Leader


Hmm... Just like all you cry when I attack with a HC... And correct me if I'm wrong.... but doesn't 123k have the SAME amount of lts in his city?? Quit crying like little girls and just play the freaking game
I was getting spammed with LS nukes that were split up for 4 hours. I had a double running so told a few people and we raked in the BP for minimal losses. As soon as the last attack hit everything was kicked. killed about 5kLS for roughly 1..4k birs. But yes please say how im exactly like Miko who cant hold a city without LTS but continues to stay frontline. Its very amusing


Alright new edition. This leader is on the frontlines and is the driver for many pigs cs'. They preach order and conformity but fold when the pressure is on.

Who is this?

Like the first edition answers must be in Jeopardy form and the grand prize is a kiss from illusion. !

Since no one's guessed it yet, Who is write1red?


Are there any pig leaders left? They all keep running into VM. Not sure how we can keep this game going if they aren't around to make fools of themselves lol