Grepolis Update 2.287

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Changelog 2.287

Dear Community,
here's all the info you need for our next update! A bunch of Bugfixes coming your way.

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User Story Improvements:

  • Technical improvements to how game windows are handled, making it now possible to have the senate and the agora open at the same time, and more to follow.
  • Reworked inventory sorting, with these changes we saw amazing improvements in loading times.
  • Improved measures to prevent notification overwhelm by adding a minimum requirements to trigger a notification.


  • The context menu for the rewards (e.g. island quests) was fixed on all platforms.
  • An issue preventing units to be called back when entering a desired amount was handled.
  • Fixed the problem preventing, in certain conditions, the city bb-code from showing the correct name.
  • Tackled an issue in the app that would cause pages to be skipped when scrolling and sometimes showing a negative number of pages.
  • In the app reports, you can see again units lost.
  • Fixed the temple conquer in revolt mode that would not occur in some cases.


Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team

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