Grepolis Update 2.277

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Changelog 2.277

Dear Community,

Grepolis will be updated to 2.277 on Wednesday, December, 7th.

User Story Improvements:

  • We improved the push notifications on the new mobile app.
  • The zoom function in the new app (android) will not reset.
  • Other small improvements to the app.


  • The Vacation Mode will no longer reset the login bonus.
  • Fixed the issue with display the conclusion time of world wonders in some timezones.
  • When renaming a city the the browser title will also update.
  • Corrected some issue with push notifications in the new app.
  • The tooltip now updates correctly after a failed siege.
  • When no ghost units survive, no report will be created.
  • Sirens and Hydras will no longer be affected by myrmidon power.
  • Battle Simulator wasn't reseting properly under certain conditions.


We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the update here

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team

Not open for further replies.