Grepolis Player Council (Comments)


How much time do you expect a council member to devote to this project?
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Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for voting on the Grepolis Player's Council. Since this is a brand new thing, I expect there to be some learning curves as to how this entire thing is going to work. BUT, I do want to make sure that I am representing our community concerns in the best way possible. Please feel free to contact me personally with anything that you have an issue with and an idea on how to improve it. You can contact me here on the forum via a personal message, in game if you happen to be on the Oropos server (I will be joining another server shortly), Or you may contact me via skype. My skype name is helenofchi.

This forum is already discussing a multitude of issues. I really like the issue/solutions that Sloth Almighty brought up regarding Morale. That is the exact kind of thing I want to look at in the Player's Council to help cultivate new players while retaining the veterans.

Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.


The goal of this project remains to give our players a better chance to provide input and make suggestions, to get into more direct contact with us as the developers of the game, and to become another panel for professional and active feedback in addition to our forums, our Community Management teams and partners inside and outside of InnoGames.

This might not be the right place for this question, but I can't find anything on this forum about the US Player Council.
I was wondering how this first 6 months went down after we elected our council members, are there any reports of their activities?
Can we know what particularly the US market's council members achieved, what their experience was?
I would be very interested and I guess the future US council candidates too.