Grepolis Lingo


I have some spare time on my hands, and I find more and more that noobs and nubettes do not know the basic and important grepo lingo. So here is a guide that teaches you all the lingo and the context it's used in.

First and most important word

Grepo: A nickname for Grepolis. Everybody calls it grepo for short, that means you will now call it grepo too because I said so.

In Context: "Hey dude let's play some grepo and destroy some noobs"
Second Word

Noob(or newb (if you are a noob) or nub): A person who has just started the game and does not know much about it, or a person who has played for a little bit of time but hasn't really been on a whole lot.

In Context: You
Third Word

Nubette: Not really an official word, a friend made it up and said she was my favorite nubette. She spelled it that way too because quite frankly she is a nubette.

In Context: "Dude, you're a nubette"
Fourth Word (no longer in order of importance)

Simming: When you get on grepolis just about once everyday, but you aren't as active as you could be and aren't really involved in much except for building 2 buildings a day, alliances don't usually like these dudes unless they're an MRA in which case they love them.

In Context: "This dude is just simming, shouldn't be a problem to take his city"
Fifth Word, I don't feel like announcing the number anymore

MRA: While there are different definitions I'll give you mine. An alliance that mass recruits people, can be everybody in their ocean, be all the top players, all the active people, or just everybody. Most fail to get people, all those alliances that are ranked 15,16,17... etc are usually the alliances who tried to do this but they joined the more successful ones instead. Also MRA's are distinctive with their low player point average.

In Context: KANNA
Sixth Word, I lied, this is taking forever, i'm actually stopping now.

Rim(Rimming): When you take another person's city, most commonly said in the Rim A Mod achievement.

In Context: "I'm going to Rim Tyler Boyd"
Siege: For conquest worlds only, when the cs has landed at the enemy city.

In Context: "Your city is under siege by me, there is 11 hours to go till it's mine"
ALU(Or OLU): Attack Land Units(Offensive Land Units). Slingers, hoptiles,horsemen,chariots. Sometimes refer God units such as harpies or Manticores.

In Context: "Send ALU at horez"
DLU(GDU): Defensive Land Units(or Ground Defensive Units (thanks to W4RR10R)) , Swordsmen, Archers, Hoptiles, Chariots. Sometimes refer God units such as pegasus or centaurs.

In Context: "I need DLU in my city because it's getting attacked"
Birs: Birmes, the defence navy ship.

In Context: Send some birs to horez cause he's being attacked.
LS: Light Ships, the attack navy ship.

In Context: "Send some LS to horez cause we have to clear his harbor"
CS: Colony Ship, what you need to take horez's city.

In Context: " My cs lands at horez's city at 08:00"
Nukes: A large amount of a specific troop or naval ship. Popular nukes include slingers, horses, ls, birs, harpies, and mantis.

In Context: " Horez has a cs in his city, please send all your ls nukes at him to break it"
Mantis: Short for manticores noob.

In Context: "Check out my sick manti nuke"
Hops: Short for hoptiles, used for both offense and defence.

In Context: "Need a hop nuke at horez's city, he has a lot of swords"
Swords: Short for swordsmen, defence only noob.

In Context: "When I turtle I always have swords"
Turtle (N) def 1: an animal def 2: A person who sepcializes in defence troops, usually will have a tower, maxed wall, and only dlu in their city.

Turtling (V) The act of being a turtle.

In Context: "Check out the Hard-Shelled Ninjas, their good turtles, just look at their DBP!"
DBP: Defensive Battle Points

In Context: haha what a joke
ABP: Attack Battle Ponits

In Context: "Horez has a lot of ABP, he should join"
RV'D: Another name for revolt. If you do now know what revolt is then here is the link

In Context: "W4RR10R's city is RV'd, please send support!"
Horez: He's beast

In Context: He's beast

If I left out any please tell me and I'll add them, now you are no longer a big noob, but you still might be a small one.

Almost forgot this one

Spam (N) def 1: a type of food def 2: A bunch of posts that don't really mean anything but daedalus loves them. Make sure you give him some spam.

In context:
I don't like Spam
I don't like it here or there
I don't like it anywhere
I don't like Spam at all
Keep spaming and I'll ban you all

(Thanks to Daedalus...and Kyllman)
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I like the context sentence for rimming godsword. :p

Overall, nicely done, I would just say it's a bit hard to read. Might consider reformatting it?


They're already in there, and thank you Tyler, I almost got you if it wasn't for my vacatoins ;)


Ah you're right, like Tyler said, its a little hard to read, it just keeps running on and on. Sorry about that!


It's arlight, also I made a quick little fix to it, when I get back home and have more time I'll re-format it.


Love that small change, makes it a far easier read. Good job sir.


Thanks MGS. Much easier to ready when new players are going through it.


Maybe make it into a tab (it's always better into a tab :eek:) with 3 columns: Word | Definition | Context. Wouldn't it be better? :)

And don't thank me for the poem, thank Daedalus instead, he created it :-D


Alright will do the collum like you said Kyll the Man once I get back home.


CS- Colony Ship: Used to conquer or settle cities.

LS- Light Ship: An offensive ship.

Bir- Bireme: A defensive ship.

FS- Fire ship: A defensive ship that destroys one ship along with itself.

TS- Transports: Used to transport units

FTS- Fast Transports: Used to transport units

Tri's- Triemes: Triemes are the only balanced naval unit.

Manti's- Manticores

Pegs- Pegasus

Cerbs- Cerberus: A mythical unit under Hades that has enormous defensive potential

Harps- Harpies: A mythical unit under Hera with 266 blunt attack, it flies

SL- Slinger: Offensive land unit.

Hops- Short for hoplites.

Cats- Catapults: Offensive land units that bring down wall levels

OLU- Offensive land units

ALU- Attacking land units: Another word for OLU.

DLU- Defensive land units

RR- Red Revolt: The latter period in a revolt.

BR- Blue Revolt: The stage of revolt before a CS can be landed.

BP- I've heard of three types, battle points, beginner points, beginner protection. Battle points: see example above. Beginner points: Points gain during beginner protection in start of a world. Beginner protection: the period of time you have before you can be attacked and spied upon.

Turtle- A player who mainly sticks to defense, stacking tons of defensive units in his/her city(s).

Simmer- A player who acts like this is sim city, and only builds, does not attack, and usually stacks defense much like a turtle.

Goldwhore- A player that buys and uses large amounts of gold, usually resulting in a higher ranking.

Gold- The Grepolis 'virtual currency'. Used to shorten building times, unit training times, and many other things

Dodge- Moving your troops out of your city into one close by during an incoming attack to save them.

Rim- The edge of the world where new players and refugee players are sent.

Rimmed- Sending someone to the rim by conquering their last village.

Nuke- An attack consisting of one type of unit (eg. a slinger nuke of 1000 slingers only)

Sniping- The act of landing defensive units between the last attack and a CS or offensive units between a CS and the first support with the aim of killing the CS to prevent a seige occuring.

Sharpshooter- A play that aims to snipe an enemy cs by timing support between the last attack and cs.

Stacking- The act of placing a large amount of defensive units (troops or biremes) before an attack, usually with the help of alliance members.

Ops- Operations: Used to describe major military undertaking to remove a player, alliance, or group from a place where you want to be; An organized group of attacks involving multiple players.

HC- Harbor checks: The act of sending a minimal force of troops to attack a city in order to check for any naval presence.

Wall spy- To check your wall before a battle, where the units you have killed are listed, and to check after the battle (if none of your troops survived), to see how many more troops you killed.

CP- Cultural points: Used to reset academy researchs and once gained a certain amount, they increase the number of cities you can have.

CF- City festival: One way of gaining Culture points

OG- Olympic games: Another way of gaining culture points

VP- Victory Procession: The 3rd way of gaining CP through BP

TP- Theater plays: The last way to gain CP

Acad- Academy: A building used to unlock and upgrade units or buildings/battle tactics and training

Ocean- A term used for one of the 100 sectors of a world, numbers are based on a co-ordinate system

Co-ords- Co-ordinates for a city, island, or ocean, etc (457, 272)

TT- Travel time: Time taken for support, cs, etc to reach its destination.

AT- Arrival time: The time when the support, cs, etc. will land.

ETA- Estimated Time of Arrival: The estimated time it will take for the support, cs, etc. to reach its destination.

LT- Launch time: Time when an attack, etc. will be launched.

Farms- A city that is attacked continuously for resources or BP, constantly cleared out.

FV- Farming villages: AI villages on islands which you can conquer and farm periodically.

Ghost- An abandoned city left by a dead account.

Clear- When a city has no more units left.

Dead account- When the player owning the account has stopped playing, but is not ghost yet.

Internal- A conquest from one player to another in the same alliance, usually a handoff or when a player inside an alliance is inactive and their cities are taken. It is not an internal if it is a civil war.

Claim- When one player reserves a city for themselves, so everyone in the alliance knows that the city is soon to be conquested by the player who claimed it.

MPC- Max point city: A city with the most possible points, 13,716 points total.PA - Personal alliance, another player you are personally allied to independent of your alliance. Do not confuse with with Premium Account.

MRA - Mass Recruiting Alliance: An alliance that typically sends out invites to anyone and everyone without a personal message or any real requirements for joining.

Ally- An alliance you mutually co-operate with.

NAP- Non Aggression Pact: An alliance you mutually agree not to attack.

Spy- A player who joins an enemy alliance to secretly gather intelligence.

MM- Mass mail: A mail sent to multiple players.

Ceasefire- When two alliances agree to stop a war for a time.timed support - Units that arrive during the middle of a timed attack.

IG- In game

PM- Private message: A message that is between you and the sender (can be forwarded)

IGM- In game moderator: Moderators who enforce the rules in game.

IGN- In game name

Grepo- Shortened form of Grepolis. (If you don't know what grepolis is dot dot dot)

RL- Real Life: Life outside Grepolis.

I win. :p


meant to be humor. I'm not one for insulting, but I naturally make comments like that :p