Grepolis 2.0: New Interface




City name
You can change your city name in the top left corner by double clicking the name that is displayed in the scroll. If you only click on the scroll once, all of the city’s the player owns will be displayed in a list. Clicking the names in this list will transport you to the city’s location on the map.
The quickbar displays all your important troop and trading activities, building queues and a few other helpful features.
Starting from the left: The icon with the magnifying glass and the house will bring up your city overview. The two arrows toggle between the player’s cities. If you activated your premium administrator feature you will be able to use the notepad and the “overviews” feature. The notepad icon uses a pen and journal. The overviews tab is shaped like an eye surrounded by a triangle. The overviews feature provides you with helpful spreadsheets as well as military and economical overviews. The following icons are for building troops, troop activity and trade activity, which are displayed in a separate box-section. The number of activities is displayed next to the icons.
Resources Warehouse availability and population
At the top right of the screen you can see your current resources: Wood, Stone and Silver. The number represents the current available city resources. The “C” shaped bar surrounding the resources represents the warehouse availability. Note that on the screenshot, stone is 3/4 full, whereas silver and wood are only occupying one third of their potential space. The population bar, and the favour bar which are located next to the resources are also displayed in this fashion.
Current God
The top right corner of the screen displays the current god you are worshipping. Right underneath it a lightning bolt is displayed. If you click it, the spells will be shown that can be used on your city.
Troop speed and unit display
Your available troops within your active city are displayed under the god picture in an expandable menu. If you click on the troops, and select a target, you will be able to see how long it would take for your troops to arrive there. A useful tool for planning time coordinated attacks.
The minimap is located directly under the city name scroll. It is a compact version of the map. By double clicking on the map you are able to see a larger area of the map at one glance. To zoom in again double click on the area you would like to observe. Underneath the minimap the x and the y coordinates are displayed. To go to specific coordinates, enter them in the number fields and click on the button with the lobbing arrow “jump to coordinates”. The next button shows the meaning of the colour markings, which is assigned by the alliance. The last button transports you back to your current city.
Premium Features
As you may know from previous versions the premium features are listed here. All active features are shown in colour; all inactive features are shown in grey.
Sidebar Navigation
These links should be familiar to most players, as they were in the left sidebar of the previous version. All links are self explanatory and lead to some of the key Grepolis game features and options. For example: Reports, Settings, Profile, Alliance Forum and Chat.
Window Management
The new design of Grepolis allows players to use multiple windows at once. Now players have the possibility to view the alliance forum and the city overview at once. Almost all windows can be minimized and moved. Minimized tabs are stored at the bottom left of the screen. The button marked with the “X” closes all open windows at once.
Game Messages
New game events or occurrences for example attack reports or messages will appear on the right side of the screen as small pop-up notifications. These notifications can be deleted one by one, or all at once. The notifications link to their respective reports or messages.
City Radial Menu
If you click on a city on the world map, multiple options appear for the player to use. Now you can, for example attack, spy, cast divine powers, or trade with another city with one simple click.
Farming Villages
Most islands are inhabited with farming villages. You can either attack or trade with them to gain resources. Later in the game you can conquer the farming villages. Villages that belong to you can pay tributes to you, and are marked with a green flag. Villages that do not belong to you will be marked with a red one.
World Wonders
After a few months World Wonders will be available. Special sites will be visible on all islands that can potentially build a World Wonder. If you click on a construction site, it will give you additional information about the structure.


My left sidebar keeps disappearing. I can't find a way to make it appear, except when I mouseover an icon for an available quest. Then the sidebar slides down from the top. When I try to move the mouse cursor to it, however, it rolls up again. This is frustrating the hell out of me!