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The US Worlds are available now on

This website is another Dutch project.

It is not a website like others, this website is created by a program and updates every half hour.
(The the data comes from Inno web services and sometimes they have a delay of an hour)

What information can you expect?

The most used stats are :

1 Today's Player stats show the top 100 : attacker points, defenders points , towns gain, towns lost of the current day.

2 Today's Alliance stats shows the top 100 Alliance Attackers points, defender Points, Towns gain, Towns lost, towns internal of the current day.

These statistics are handy to see the progress for attacker, defender and conquer of the day.
You can quickly see when a player quits and gives his towns away.

There are several other stats like Alliance vs Alliance current day and Player vs Player current day, Top players and top alliance.

Between 3-6 am there the tool is doing Night tasked.
The US part of the website is running in the US time zone.

This website is made to show clear and quick information.
Because the website has no graphics it is very fast, google gives a rating:
Mobile friendly 95/100 , Mobile Speed 95/100 and desktop speed 96/100

Hope you find it useful

At the moment I am working on several other stats and on the grammar.


Zacynthus is the first US world available on Grepo-Info from day 1

Curently i am working on stats about Player-Alliance changes
As usual a little bit different than other stat websites