Grep 2.75 Ground Unit Chart/FS

Drew H.

Updated Ground Units Info for grep 2.75 on a per pop basis. I used the numbers that were in game and the numbers from the 2.75 changelog not numbers from the wiki or anywhere else. There are different numbers in other places I just assume the actual game to be more accurate however because some decimals were too long, and I didn't round anything just cut decimals short where need be this guide is not 100 percent accurate, and rounding some of the numbers perhaps could have been a better representation of the guide, but I chose not to go that route.

If each Unit only costed 1 pop each this is about what they would look like. This info can be used to see units for what they actually are
for instance it is a common misconception that manti's are more powerful than griffins until you break them down into per pop units than
you than notice the griffin is the stronger unit per pop. As in a fully built nuke of griffins will hit harder than a fully built nuke of manti's.

I decided on what colors to assign numbers based on how those numbers do against the normal units of that class. Normal units are by far the most often used units at the time of writing this so I believe they set the standards.

*I discuss flyers in a later post.

TD = Total Defense per pop
Blue = Top of Class Rating
Light Blue = Second of Class rating
Orange = These units behind a level 20 wall provide almost even ratios, would not use them without a wall though otherwise you are just giving away Battle Points, and in some cases like the griffin being able to get an even ratio on Hops with a 20 wall I would recommend attacking with griffins instead of blocking with them.
Red= Worst of class rating.

1 thing I forgot was to put the type of attack in the attack number box, if I find some free time I will update it, but overall it's not a big deal. This chart makes a great unit reference sheet. The smaller pictures in top defenders is intentional. It is a reminder that without wall the ratio is even or under even against the normal unit of the class.

This chart is expected to have mistakes I spent alot of time transferring data and it's easy to make mistakes after staring at numbers all day. I will continually fix found flaws when I have free time. All feedback is welcome.

Update: fixed top attackers slingers belonged above harpies and minotaurs numbers wise.

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are you taking into consideration that some myth units ignore walls... for example Pegs have a attack per FS of 5, but that is a 5 with zero wall... where as Hops will typically have to go up against a wall thus lowering there attack value per FS

Drew H.

From some simulations I have run in the simulator it does not show that any units ignore wall. now if a unit like a manticore which cost 45 population and the wall was only enough to kill 30 pop the manti would probably survive, is that what you mean? The only thing I am aware pegs ignore is navy. They fly right over boats and hit land directly.

The wall provides a boost to the defense of all units in the city that is it's true function those units get the boost provided by the wall regardless of what is attacking.
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Drew H.

Here is the formula to see how much more efficient flyers are. You pick a number that makes a nuke like 1000. You than divide that number by 16 to see how many fast transports it takes to carry that amount of troops. It equals 62 and a half. 62 trans can hold 992 pop. Now we count how much pop that many transports cost. 62 trans equal 310 pop. Now we need to know how many of whatever we are trying to compare fit in the transports. 18 erinyes fit in 62 transports and cost 990 pop. So in all so far we have 1300 pop used and now we have to add light ships because you can't send transports without light ships in a real attack. At least 20 light ships equals 200 pop so we now spent 1500 pop to be able to use 18 erinyes overseas.

For the same 1500 pop we now check how many flyers we could build. we can buils 107 Harpies for about that same cost.

Now we must compare the attacks
107 Harpies attack equals 31565.
18 erinyes attack equals 30600.

The harpies are the weakest offensive flyers while erinyes are the number 1 attackers. If even a harpy could beat them that means when it comes to fully built offensive nukes for attacking overseas the Griffin, manti, and harpy are still numbers 1, 2, and 3.
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