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I've taken quite some time off since my last world so I don't know how long this has been going on. I log into my browser tonight and get a message that you can get free Laurels with gold purchases, so I click on it to see what is going on. I see you can get 2500 with the $80 gold package. If this isn't an already dead pay to win game, this takes the cake. You are literally letting people buy troops, and not even normal troops, your strongest troop available. You wonder why your game is dead, this is it. You chased off all the normal players that made up 90 percent of your player base to cater to the other 10 (probably closer to 3% off the heavy gold users). I mean for come on, you can't even fill out ocean 54 now. Pathetic. I mean, I know this will probably get me banned, but does it really matter? I doubt the 5 people the seldomly check these forums will care for the language


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Id pay 20 bucks to enter a world where there is no gold and all advisors were permanently unlocked and i know a lot of other guys who feel the same. Maybe the devs should consider making a world like that... I'd pull out my wallet faster than ive ever done anything in my life to play on a world like that


Just for reference, when I first started playing on 26, the alliance cap was 100 and there were enough alliances to warrant a top 50 alliances thread. Alliance cap was 100. Currently we have the new and "exciting" world with only 750 actives. 26 had a single Sister alliance group that size. also golders wasnt even really a term back then because it just wasnt possible to do what you can with todays game.