Great World!!!


Crown has been awarded! Nice job to all. Great game. Seems Sparta will be round two!

antimatter got there wonders destroyed could defend that crown in upsilon

Sparta which was round 2 for antimatter they didnt last merged with other groups

Antimatter a fairytale :eek: a washed up hype from the past ;-)


Now this coming from foos is absolutely ridiculous. Sure he has a crown, but his alliance didnt win victor.. they just stayed around while the top alliance quit... if that isnt "abusing mechanics" I dont know what is.

That's called playing the game. Epsilon ... two sides raced to the crown, both sides built wonders, crown was blocked, we fought, we won, we defended our crown. End of story. There was no rotation to bypass caps. There was no gifting a wonder from another alliance to get the crown. And there was no desertion after the fact. In the end there was a single crown that went untarnished and the server closed without our enemies being able to pull it back from us. From beginning to end, the wonders went very quick, there was no waiting.

Now secondly I find it insulting that you are essentially calling players in AM cheaters

Get as insulted as you like ... the charge stands.

Final thought ... in a morale world, you're telling me you couldn't find a way to hold on to a single wonder?!


Lol Tone.. you will see in your experience it is hard for groups to win multiple worlds as the same name. Look at the Hive from upsilon.. to denying nor getting into what happened in Sparta.. but those that remain are doing just fine. A name is just a name.

And foos charge all you.. and as for your final thought.. we are in April. Look at when the world finished. players ghosted. Trinity didnt really destroy the wonders lol. Its just hard to expect players to all stick around for 5-6 months after a world ends. Players are trying to do it in olympia.. andou did it in Epsilon. Which btw your story is completely fake. In Epsilon your alliance didnt win victor. Your name isnt on the grepo hall of fame. the winners left the world and you stuck around to get the crown. If they didnt want the crown thats their choice, but dont act like you earned it.. You didnt fight. You didnt win. The story didnt end that way.

I guess this is just what the crown means now.. the answer is nothing. Thats why we left upsilon. You are right we rotated.. thats not cheating.. It was sound strategy used before upsilon.. and we let TEG have the crown as well.. something also done before upsilon. We all think grepolis needs to rethink the end game anyway.. Now I do agree with you.. maybe TEG didnt deserve the crown. they certainly couldnt do it on their own.. but we were trying to honor an almost world long relationship. So the crown has a diminished value. foos has one, clb has one, I have one.. even Tone may get one.. so be it.. its just a meaningless decoration now.

I will say this.. congrats to Trinity for sticking it out. Definitely took work to rally the troops. Can honestly say that you deserve it more than certain people that got it the first time around.
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Thanks stranger.

Didnt know you were still around. In any worlds currently?