Going NW


I used to play grep a lot back in the day.

Epsilon en5. I was a member of the largest alliance and coordinated most military in ocean 32. I was over 800k

Of course this was under a different name. One that felt much shame in world psi and others. I started an alliance there. I have started it in many worlds. "Black Flag"

I used to be Punker15. I'm going NW. I'm not founding an alliance. I will join and help run one though.

I'm excited for this world despite the less than ideal settings.
I'm excited because there will not be a gargantuan clot of players who think too much of themselves because they use premium. I rarely use it. I don't need it. And with settings like these, I won't be at a disadvantage.

If anyone wants to join me in the northwest, I'd enjoy the company of some veterans.

The Returned.


look up Tigers Claw alliance, it has the best leadership in the game